Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes Our Problems Aren't So Big

As a newborn, I think Ethan had every "minor" problem there could possibly be. But these minor problems were HUGE for us newbie parents. First we did the formula battle. Which formula would work for my boy? Well after changing formulas SIX times, we have found one we like (Nutramigen), but I'm still not sure it's the best. We never went to soy, because after changing formulas so many times I was ready to settle on one. Ethan was extremely colicky. There were days when Ethan would scream bloody murder all day and there was nothing we could do to soothe him. Chris and I would literally pass him back and forth all day long just trying and hoping one of us could work some magic the other couldn't. Ethan would be completely passed out for ten minutes and out of nowhere he would start screaming again. My new bundle of joy also had bad reflux. We would feed him and two hours later we'd lay him on his back and he'd start spitting up. The doctor recommended to keep him upright for at least thirty minutes after feeding, which we did, but it never mattered. As soon as he was laid flat it was coming back up. During feedings he would scream and arch his back, and burping was the absolute pits! The doctor finally put us on Zantac, which has seemed to help. He no longer does the spitting up all the time, but he is still a tiny terror during feeding. I haven't quite figured out if it's the reflux or his temper. Ethan is a spitting image of his daddy, but we both agree he has my temper. :) He's a firecracker for sure. I can not tell you how many times I cried with Ethan during those first three trialling months. It was pure misery for everybody involved. One of our biggest pet peeves were people who had perfect little newborns who slept all night and had no reflux or colic or formula intolerance. I think we had enough crying for three newborns. Chris and I wanted three kids before our sweet Ethan entered this world, now we're questioning that. I personally think we will forget about this in a year. (Not necessarily saying we'll be ready for another kid in a year.) Then I can always look back on this blog for a friendly reminder of how bad it was. We did make it through this storm and definitely became a stronger family for it.

For the last couple of days on Facebook numerous of my friends have posted for prayers for a four month old girl who had enterovirus who was fighting for her life. Today she lost her fight and the Lord called her to be with Him. I can not even begin to imagine the pain this family is feeling. Just when I think all of the problems I listed above were so bad, it's things like this that open my eyes. What we went through is NOTHING compared to what this family is facing. I pray we never have to walk in their shoes. I honestly believe one of the hardest things to ever deal with is losing a child. Tonight I will hold my child a little closer and say a few extra "I love you's".

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