Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cat in the Hat First Birthday

Today was a HUGE success! 
The party was so much fun.
Unfortunately it flew by.
For three months I prepared for this Cat in the Hat extravaganza, and in a matter of a couple of hours it was over. Just like that.
But, every single bit was worth it.
E will only have one first birthday, and I treated it that way.
Possibly to the point of excess. 
I'll let you be the judge of that.
Here is E's birthday tour, and the majority of it is compliments of Pinterest.

E loved his truck. 
I think he spent half the party being pushed around by cousins.
Right up his ally.

E's first "jacked up" truck.
I'm sure it won't be this little country boys last.

Birthday boy acting as door greeter. 

A wonderful ideal I found on Pinterest.
Everybody signed E's "birthday" book. 
I'm going to make this a birthday tradition (at least until E makes me stop). 
Such a timeless keepsake. 

The candy bar.
Perfect for the older kids.
They filled their party favor bags with candy. 

The month banner. 
I My mom took a picture on each monthly birthday.
It is crazy how much he has changed.
At six months you can really tell a difference. 
I'm going to do something with these pictures, just haven't quite decided what.
I'm sure Pinterest could show me a few ideals......

The drink bar and popcorn stand. 
I My mom found some punch at Brookshires that was the perfect color.
Needless to say it tasted horrible, like sugar with a splash of water and food coloring. 
But that's okay, as long as it looked good.
Thank goodness we had backup water and cokes!

And last but not least, definitely most importantly.....the cake table.
We had yellow and red velvet cupcakes with a touch of cotton candy.
E's smash cake is the hat on top, made by none other than Nonnie.

Cake smash time!
E took to it fairly quickly.
He ate SO much cake.
I just couldn't stop him.

Cousins Parker and Chiara in their THING shirts.
So cute!
Love these two.

Somebody is coming off their sugar high.

And that's all folks........

A special thank you to the most wonderful mother ever. 
I couldn't have created this masterpiece without you. 
And Aunt Sara was a huge help too. 
My put together and clean up crew.

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  1. where did you get those thing 1 mom and dad shirts from i love them