Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We have had a breakthrough! 
E is consistently eating "real" people food.
Whoop Whoop! {happy happy happy dance}
We've been patiently practicing at this for the last three months. 
I originally started using the baby led weaning. And at first E took to it.
But somewhere along the way..hhh hmmm he choked on a potato....and he stopped.
Amazing how that works. So we've been dishing out that delicious jar food that smells like feet. 
My fickle angel refuses to touch anything slimy. So much for a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables. 
My mother got the genius ideal to try feeding him chicken pot pie. And he loved it! Jackpot!
Slowly I tried new things. Chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, biscuits, hash browns, etc. 
I can say for twenty-four hours E has eaten big people food.
Hopefully this is goodbye to that jar crap.
Fingers crossed.

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