Monday, May 6, 2013

Gender Reveal Party: What will it bee?

Our "theme" was What will it bee? We had such a great time. All of our close friends and family were able to attend (with the exception of the out of town people- completely understandable). Thank goodness for FaceTime! I am so thankful we have such amazing people in our lives. 

Future BIG brother

Ultrasound pictures
I covered the doodle with bee stickers.

The Old Wives Tales predicted a girl. 

Winner on guest's predictions is a she
Won by a landslide. j
I found the picture of the bee online and just printed them off and cut them out. 
Each of the little bees had the name of the person who voted. 

The amazing cake my mother made. 
Super talented lady.

Most important part: food!
Chicken spaghetti/salad/ and bread was on the menu. 
The chicken spaghetti has a whole story behind it. I was tripling the recipe and thought "Oh it will be easy, boil some noodles and chicken and whooola." Wrong I was up until 12:30 just preparing it to heat for the next day. Next time I will take the help offered to me. :)

Reveal time. 
We revealed with blowing up balloons. Whoever blew theirs up, that's what the sex was. 
I decided to be a trickster (in typical Brandi fashion) and started blowing mine up first. 
Everybody was yelling I knew it, little did they know I would quickly be deflating mine.
Little Evan it is. 

Finding great humor in my trickery. 

My blessings. 

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