Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chronicles of the Mommy Diaries: Episode 1

I decided to start blogging once a week about the humorous things that happen during the week. I want to be able to look back and remember all the funny things my kids have done. It's so easy to forget things in this crazy hectic thing called life. 

On our weekly shopping trip to Target this week I decided I HAD to have a box of chewy chocolate chip cookies (along with some sour patch kids and a gallon of ice-cream). Pregnancy is bringing out my inner fatty. E is in that phase of if you are eating it, he wants it. Especially when it pertains to snack food. So I had to secretly eat my cookies during his nap time, in my bed. Yes, in my bed. Being the lazy prego that I am, I just placed them on my night stand when I was done. Fast forward to the next day. How half a day went by without E seeing the cookies on my night stand, I'm not really sure. But when I woke up the next morning I told myself "Self, put those cookies up." Did I do it? NO! E and I had a lunch date with a friend and so our morning was super busy getting E fed and dressed and getting Mommy ready. E's new thing is opening our shower, which he's not allowed in yet. That's a habit I'm not entering into. So I was trying to soap up with one hand and hold the shower door with the other. E would give up and go into our bedroom and grab a toy and come back and sit at the door and then repeat trying to open the door. After about three attempts of breaking into the shower, E rounded the corner with the cookies. And the happiest look on his face. So proud of himself. Two things I thought a. how in the world does he even know what those are, because I've never given him any (the boy's smart) and b. there's no way he can get into them. Wrong. Took two seconds and E was double fisting cookies in front of the shower. There are some things you will just let your kids do just to get yourself ready and this was one of them. For that one hour it takes me to get ready, as long as he's not doing anything to hurt himself I'm game. Lesson of the week: Break those cookies out sooner next time.

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