Friday, June 15, 2012

Show us your bedroom

Today on Kelly's Korner it's show your bedroom day. My bedroom is probably one of the only rooms in my house that I wouldn't change anything about (the other being E's room). My bedroom is comfy and relaxing. I have a lot of southern "things" in my bedroom. Always helps me to remember where I am from. 

This is what you see as soon as you walk in. We were fortunate enough to have such a big space that we can fit a king size bed, dresser, two night stands, and a chest of drawers. Which equals MORE storage. Always a plus around here. 

These are two pictures I found at a local arts festival. They are huge oak trees and azaleas. Always a staple for the south. The necklace/bracelet holder was a wedding gift that I could never find a purpose for. One day I thought this would be a perfect jewelry hanger. And so it is. 

Our big comfy bed. Covered in pillows. The more pillows the better.

My night stand. Notice the two baby monitors. And my Kindle, which I love!

My little workout area (which never gets used). One day, one day....
The fleur de lis painting came from an arts festival as well. It's very neat. It has a cool texture to it. 

I love curling up in bed and watching a good movie. Usually I fall asleep during them, but that's the fun of watching tv in your bed. 

This is a picture from the last cruise we went on, of course pre baby. I don't think that dress would slide over these hips now.

Chris's night stand with one of my bridal portraits and of course the remotes. 

I love this rug.

And last, but not least, this is our tray ceiling. When we repainted the room, we painted the lower part of the tray white and the inside part the color of the room. It was ALOT of work. But well worth it.


  1. Beautiful furniture and our colors are very similar! Thanks for sharing:)!

  2. Your room looks GREAT! I love all the local art work you have! It adds a special touch! :-)

    1. Thanks Stacy...when the Revel comes around I'm the first one lined up at the gate. They have so much cool stuff.

  3. I really like your rug!

    As you can tell I am a few weeks behind in my blog reading :)