Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life with more than one kid

Yesterday I had a go at the life of having more than one kid. I watched my niece and nephew for about eight hours. It gave me hope, that yes, I could possibly not go insane raising more than one kid. Which  my niece and nephew are amazingly well behaved kids. So that definitely made it easier. 

They were dropped off at 7:00. E was awake. He looked at them like What are y'all doing here?! E and KiKi played in the floor for a little while. And Parker had breakfast in bed with cartoons playing. After about 45 minutes E got tired, so I laid him down for a nap. I was so afraid the kids were going to wake him up. But they didn't. They played Wii quietly. Key word quietly. I had to threaten them a couple of times, but they weren't out of control loud. I think when your baby is sleeping EVERYTHING is loud. Once E woke up, they played some more. The kids finally got bored with E and decided it was time to go outside. Some of the kid's good friends live a couple of houses down from us, so they went and played with them for a little while. All in all it was a good day. I was super busy and always running around doing something- feeding E, fixing breakfast, consoling E, cleaning up breakfast, changing E, fixing lunch, etc. But it was fun! I love spending time with those kiddos. And I love how much they love E. I can't wait until E gets a little older and can actually play with them. He is so enthralled with them right now. He watches every move they make. He's lucky to have such wonderful cousins.

Another part of our day not mentioned yet, were E's six month shots. YUCK! No fun. I had a ton of questions for the doctor. What's this on his face, What's this on his arm, Am I feeding him enough milk, When can I introduce meats, and on and on and on. She gave me answers, so that was reassuring. E hated the doctor looking in his ears. Screamed bloody murder. E is now 16 pounds 4 ounces and 26 inches long. His head is in the 70 percentile. Little boy's got a big head :) Everything checked out great. Such a blessing to have a healthy baby. The next part was the dreaded shots. And they were horrible. He cried a real cry (not that whine cry). And it broke my heart. His face turned beat red. For some reason these shots were worse for Mama this go round. All the previous time he's gotten shots he'd cry, but he'd stop immediately after the shot was over. This time the whole time he was looking at me like "Save me Mommy, save me." You could tell he was hurting. Now that he's more aware of what is going on, shot time sucks royally. By the time it was bath/bed time, he was ready. He'd had a long day.

E and KiKi

Parker insisted on not having his picture taken. I even let him have breakfast in bed, and still no picture.

When I see E compared to KiKi, that's when I can really tell he's growing. He looks huge here!

Here's a picture of how small he used to be in her arms. 

Parker set up boot camp on E's play tiles. 

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