Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I shall call him Weepy Woo

The last I reported E was sick and breaking my heart. Not much has changed. His snotty nose has improved, but now he has pink eye/conjunctivitis. His poor little eyes are all blood shot and have goopy yellow boogers growing out of them. I've been calling him Weepy Woo all day. Can my little man get a break? Knock on wood, tonight I told my mom the only thing we have left to get infected is ears. Not to mention when he woke up this morning he had claw marks down his face from where apparently he kept rubbing/scratching at his face because of his runny nose. I worked today so this is the picture I get this morning....

Tell me that isn't the most pitiful thing you have ever seen. I wanted to drive home immediately and love on my little boy. I hate seeing him so miserable. I hate seeing those beautiful blue eyes red and glassy. All I want to do is hold him all day. I would give anything for me to be the one who is sick. I know this is minor compared to what other people have or are going through. And for that I should be grateful. 

I haven't decided if parenthood has strengthened me or weakened me. Maybe a little of both. I think I have been strengthened in patience and love. I have been weakened with a HUGE soft spot that has been dug out in my heart. 

Hoping tomorrow brings goop free clear blue eyes and a snot free nose.

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