Friday, June 29, 2012

Show us your nursery

Well it's nursery time at Kelly's Korner. This is by far the most special room in my house. Much time was spent finding the perfect things to put in this room. All of the furniture was stained or painted by Chris. The baby bed is the same bed I slept in as a baby, as well as my brother and niece. Of course there was no better theme than fireman/firetrucks (Chris is a fireman). 

These are toy shelves that Chris stained. I knew I would need a lot of space for toy/book storage. 

This is one of my maternity pictures framed, as well as a pair of shoes my great grandmother knitted. 


Some of my work friends had this little hat made. Unfortunately E was so unhappy his first couple of months on Earth, he wouldn't cooperate wearing the hat during his newborn pictures.

My sister-in-law's parents gave E this. Possibly the neatest thing I've EVER seen! The firetruck is made from E's name written over and over. It takes mad skill to do this. The artist who did this has a FB page and an ETSY account- Personalized Sketches- It's All about You.

The crib that keeps giving.

I ordered these letters off of ETSY. It was quite a hassle getting them right. But I think they turned out perfect. 

I made this lamp for E. Super easy. Just some fabric and glue. 

One of my good friend's moms made this quilt for E. 

E's changing table. 

Our little reading corner. Got the book shelf ideal from Pinterest of course. 

These two paintings were done by my work friend's mom. I had a picture of two pictures just like these that I liked, but they were so expensive so I refused to buy them. I think these turned out better than the ones I had a picture of. 

I feel like there is so much love put into this room from me, Chris, friends, and family. I love it!


  1. Can't go wrong with a firetruck theme!! So cute!

  2. Awe! His room is adorable! I love everything you found & that firetruck picture with his birth date is so neat!