Saturday, June 9, 2012

Show us your kitchen

Well it's kitchen time on Kelly's Korner. The kitchen was a huge reason why we bought our house. Our kitchen in our old house was tiny with no cabinet space and on top of that we had no pantry. We love how open our kitchen is now. There is no separation between our living room, dining room, and kitchen. It feels so spacey. And it's perfect for get togethers. My husband painted this huge combination of rooms before E got here, and boy was it quite a task. I love the color now. Before it was a gray/blue and with the cabinets and countertops the same color it was too much. There are a couple of things I would change (counter tops, flooring), but overall I love my kitchen. 

The countertop space is wonderful. I would like to change our cabinet knobs, but that will come with time. Right now I'm so busy with E, the cabinet knobs are the last thing on my list. 

 When Chris and I got married instead of registering for fancy china (we are sooooo not those people), I registered for FiestaWare. It's funky and fun, more of our personalities. Besides, I honestly don't have a place to put real china. Chris gave me this mixer for my birthday a couple of years back. I wanted it so bad. I've only used it about twenty times. I barely bake anymore :(


This is our island/bar. We usually eat here.

I call this the "nook." It's just a small space where we store E's bottles and bills/mail.

I love this little corner table. I could not figure out what to put in this weird little spot and it looked plain with nothing in it. Luckily my mom found this adorable table. Fits perfectly!

These are my favorite items in my kitchen. I love old stuff. Especially stuff passed down from my grandma. These are two of my great grandmother's plates. So special.  

My mom got me this weaved basket on vacation in the Bahamas. Love it. I love handmade things as well.

Chris's MeMaw collected beer steins. When she passed we got these. Such a friendly reminder of such a wonderful woman.

A Pinterest creation by my mom. Super cheap and super easy.

E has to have his own area in every room. This is his feeding station. 

Don't pantry is out of control cluttered. Another task on my to do list. I love the smore maker hanging on the door. Haven't used it yet, but I got it at Paula Dean's restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.


  1. I love how much counter space you have! And I love all the special touches, the plates the beer steins. It all just comes together so well.

    1. Thanks! I think some of my most special items are in the kitchen :)