Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Reflection

My dad is the most wonderful man I know. He is kind, loving, caring, compassionate, funny, friendly, serious, patient, everything a father should be and so much more. He sets the standard for what it takes to be an amazing father. When I was a baby my dad would wake up early in the morning with me and video tape himself rocking me. My dad threw a paper route in the wee hours of the morning to support our family, and then went to his full time job afterwards. I remember when I got to go on the route with him, I loved it! He even let me throw some papers. When looking for a husband I hoped to find somebody just like my dad....and I did.

Chris is an exceptional father. A lot of dads don't have much to do with their kids when they are babies, due to lacking that second nature it takes to care for a baby. Chris is all hands on. He feeds, he changes diaper, he watches E on his days off so he doesn't have to go to daycare, he  bathes E, he literally does every single thing I do (except for cutting fingernails). And for that I am so grateful. It's so nice having an extra backbone for support. Chris meets all of my dad's standards. E's face glows when Chris is around. You can already tell how much he loves his daddy. It melts my heart. I really think I might have a run for my money on whether E is a Mama's boy or Daddy's boy.

My father-in-laws (Chris's dad and stepdad) are wonderful as well. They each hold a special spot in my heart. I think both of them played a huge part in forming Chris into the person he is today. And for that I am FOREVER grateful.

For the first five years of our marriage Chris and I swore off kids. We weren't interested. We didn't want ever. Boy am I glad our minds changed! E is the best thing that ever happened to us. He gives us true purpose. A purpose outside of ourselves. On this first Father's Day, I am thankful for the man Chris is and for the example he is to our son. I pray E turns out just like his Daddy.

Here are some pictures capturing our Father's Day. Sorry they're poor quality- forgot my good camera.

First Father's Day

My sweet little family

At Paw's house
Chris, E, Paw, Jenn, and Grandpa

This is where Chris gets his sense of humor from. E was playing with Grandpa's hair.

E found a fishing pole that's just his size.


Paw and E

Father of the year...I told y'all he does it all

PaPaw and his new hat. Looking good.

My Daddy

Poppy and E
Poppy is E's favorite swimming partner. 
Poppy would blow bubbles in the water and E would lay his head against Poppy's forehead.

Can you guess who's going to be in charge of teaching E how to swim?

Somebody was completely worn out! 


  1. Awe! Your Daddy is so sweet! I bet he is the best grandfather ever!

    1. Stacy he is wonderful! E just loves him. He's always making E laugh.