Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day came a little early....

Well, Father's Day came a little early at our house. I had a fun scavenger hunt I wanted to do and with our crazy schedules today would be the only day I could do it. Plus, I was super excited about Chris's gift, so the sooner the better. I'm no good with secrets. I've had his gift for the last two weeks and have been dying to tell him. I'm the girl at Christmas who tells everybody their gifts before they open them. I just can't handle the excitement. I asked Chris what he wanted for Father's Day and he tells me a gas hedge trimmer. A gas hedge trimmer...really? For a first Father's Day? I wanted to get him something he could have forever and every time he looked at it he would be reminded what a wonderful daddy he is. 

This morning while E was playing I started working on the scavenger hunt. I picked nine different locations to send Chris. Surprisingly, it only took about thirty minutes. It was actually a lot of fun coming up with clues. A couple I stole off of the internet. I made sure the locations were far apart. I wanted Chris to have to travel all over the place to get this grand prize. Here are the clues.

This was the first clue on the garage door. 

The clue on the TV.

The clue in the MAN room.

The clue on the grill.

The clue in E's play zone.

The clue on the washer.

The clue on E's crib.

Front door clue.

Last and final clue.


Chris was super surprised. I told him he had a surprise when he got home from work, but he had no clue the extent of the surprise. 

Chris's grin after reading his first clue.

E was taking a nap during the scavenger hunt.

And he found it :)

His face says it all.

It's an iPad. Chris has been talking about wanting an iPad forever. But he wouldn't ever get one because he didn't want to spend that money on himself. I thought it would be a perfect first Father's Day gift. 

Happy early Father's Day!
E and I love you!


  1. Hey Brandi! So fun you are blogging! I started when Anna was a baby & have been off & on through the years! So glad I found you! What a sweet way of surprising him! What a fun Father's Day gift! :-) Can't wait to read your blog more! :-)

    1. Stacy I'm so glad you found me! I'll have to start following you. Blogging is so's kind of like a Dear Diary ;) It helps me keep track of what all E has done and when he did it.