Friday, June 29, 2012

Show us your nursery

Well it's nursery time at Kelly's Korner. This is by far the most special room in my house. Much time was spent finding the perfect things to put in this room. All of the furniture was stained or painted by Chris. The baby bed is the same bed I slept in as a baby, as well as my brother and niece. Of course there was no better theme than fireman/firetrucks (Chris is a fireman). 

These are toy shelves that Chris stained. I knew I would need a lot of space for toy/book storage. 

This is one of my maternity pictures framed, as well as a pair of shoes my great grandmother knitted. 


Some of my work friends had this little hat made. Unfortunately E was so unhappy his first couple of months on Earth, he wouldn't cooperate wearing the hat during his newborn pictures.

My sister-in-law's parents gave E this. Possibly the neatest thing I've EVER seen! The firetruck is made from E's name written over and over. It takes mad skill to do this. The artist who did this has a FB page and an ETSY account- Personalized Sketches- It's All about You.

The crib that keeps giving.

I ordered these letters off of ETSY. It was quite a hassle getting them right. But I think they turned out perfect. 

I made this lamp for E. Super easy. Just some fabric and glue. 

One of my good friend's moms made this quilt for E. 

E's changing table. 

Our little reading corner. Got the book shelf ideal from Pinterest of course. 

These two paintings were done by my work friend's mom. I had a picture of two pictures just like these that I liked, but they were so expensive so I refused to buy them. I think these turned out better than the ones I had a picture of. 

I feel like there is so much love put into this room from me, Chris, friends, and family. I love it!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Anniversary to my boo I was going to post this last night, but I didn't want to be that crazy, out of control blogger. So I saved it for today. As everybody knows, I've been busy with little man so I haven't had a chance to blog. So I feel like I'm playing catch up. On June 26 Chris and I had our EIGHTH...yes we've made it another year...anniversary. I was that young southern belle who got married immediately after graduating high school. Who needs the college experience? I found the man of my dreams! For some reason this anniversary was more special than the rest. I think E had a lot to do with it. I feel like we have been through so much this year and I feel like our marriage has only grown stronger. We have never been more stressed in our lives...and we're still standing together in unity. It's amazing the amount of stress that is accumulated when you know you are completely responsible for somebody else. And not just an any somebody else...a child. A child that is  half me and half Chris. A child that is our offspring. A child who will learn his morals from us. A child who will learn his manners from us. A child who depends on us for his every need. Whewwww what a responsibility! But no better responsibility. I feel like E solidifies our love for each other. He is proof that we loved each other so much that we wanted to bring another life into this world to raise and to mold. Just saying that brings tears to my eyes. What a love!

Our anniversary was spent the only way we could possibly imagine it...with our little sick boy. Chris grilled kabobs, potatoes, and corn (absolutely delicious!). And we called it an early night. I couldn't think of a better way to spend our anniversary than with the proof that our love is undying.

My two love bugs 

I've been noticing a frequent trend....I have 934 pictures of Chris and E and about four of me and E. Why do I always have to be the photographer? I think it's a girl thing. Every time I tell Chris "let me take a picture" he looks at me like seriously...another. Haha!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As promised.....

I've finally downloaded some pictures from the wedding. With E being sick, my time has been limited. Most of the pics are from my iPhone. I forgot my good camera due to me rushing and running around trying to get E ready for the wedding. 

Fun on the flight. The picture on the left is what E did the most.

Pictures were hanging on the end of the pews of the bride and groom and we found this one that looks like a girl version of E.


Rehearsal Fun

These are the bridesmaids gifts. So cute!

Jenny's beautiful dress. The hanger said Jenny loves Brett. So neat. 

Wedding fun

Some precious things at the reception
It was outdoors and perfect. The weather was just right. 
The top left picture was on the lawn (the groom's last name is Meade).
The bottom picture is a canvas that people put their thumb prints on when they arrived. 

Chiara and "her" E

E fell asleep to "The Wobble"

Sara, Jenny (the gorgeous bride), Chiara, E (passed out), and Me

I shall call him Weepy Woo

The last I reported E was sick and breaking my heart. Not much has changed. His snotty nose has improved, but now he has pink eye/conjunctivitis. His poor little eyes are all blood shot and have goopy yellow boogers growing out of them. I've been calling him Weepy Woo all day. Can my little man get a break? Knock on wood, tonight I told my mom the only thing we have left to get infected is ears. Not to mention when he woke up this morning he had claw marks down his face from where apparently he kept rubbing/scratching at his face because of his runny nose. I worked today so this is the picture I get this morning....

Tell me that isn't the most pitiful thing you have ever seen. I wanted to drive home immediately and love on my little boy. I hate seeing him so miserable. I hate seeing those beautiful blue eyes red and glassy. All I want to do is hold him all day. I would give anything for me to be the one who is sick. I know this is minor compared to what other people have or are going through. And for that I should be grateful. 

I haven't decided if parenthood has strengthened me or weakened me. Maybe a little of both. I think I have been strengthened in patience and love. I have been weakened with a HUGE soft spot that has been dug out in my heart. 

Hoping tomorrow brings goop free clear blue eyes and a snot free nose.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sick baby = Sad Mommy

Well the inevitable/unavoidable has happened. E is sick. And it absolutely breaks my heart. I was trying so hard to just get him to a year without getting sick. When E woke up from his nap yesterday afternoon, he woke up screaming. Which never happens. He usually always wakes up happy and playful. I would give him his paci and he'd suck a couple of times and then spit it out and scream. My first thought...more teeth. I felt his top gums and felt a little bump. All of E's teething medicine was with my mom somewhere in Mississippi headed back to Louisiana. So off Chris went to get some Ibuprofen for little bit. By the time Chris got back E was fine and playing so I didn't give him any medicine. I'm that anti medicine mother...if he can make it without it I'm not giving it. I think nowadays people run to medicine for everything. People made it in the old days without medicine. I don't want to give E medicine all the time and then his body build immunity up to it to where it won't work anymore. We ended up putting E to bed around 8:45 and he was back up by 10:30 screaming. Chris was still awake and went in there to check on him and E had a runny nose. I was thinking well maybe it's just because he was crying. HA! E was back up at 11:30 screaming again. I go to check on him and he looks absolutely pitiful. The poor boy couldn't breath through his nose whatsoever. I call my mom crying, crying more so because I felt like I could've prevented it. My niece was sick with a cough, but my sister chalked it up as allergies. I knew better. I kept telling Chelsea "Stay out of E's face," but she's excited to see him and it's hard for a four year old to even remember what you said five minutes ago. My mom suggests keeping him in the upright position so all the drainage will go down and not to the back of his airway. So I rock him back to sleep and hold him upright until 3:00 in the morning. That's when delirium set in (I'd only slept four hours the night before- we left my Aunt's house at 5:00 in the morning headed to the airport). I decided to try E's swing, that he's WAY too big for now. It worked for about thirty minutes, the thirty minutes it took me to drift off into good sleep. E had managed to scooch himself down to where he was only hanging on by the buckle through his legs. I held and rocked some more. Then the light bulb went off...carseat! He slept in that for about two hours. Once he started waking up in that Chris woke up and gave me a break. By 8:00 I was on the phone with the doctor's office and had an appointment for 9:30. I loaded E up and headed to the doctor. Luckily it was just a runny nose and no ear infections. Thank goodness! It's just one of those things you just have to let it run its course. We were given a prescription for a decongestant, so hopefully that helps some. I'm praying for a good night, because I can't call into work two days. If tonight is like last night, zombie mode will definitely go into affect. Not the whole eating people part, but the looking half dead part.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kentucky in three days

We survived people. Survived better than I ever could've imagined. Even more proof that I underestimate what my child is capable of. We flew, we danced, we sang, we hugged, we kissed, we missed naps, we were up WAY past bed times, and all this with very minimal tears. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think E could handle so much. We pushed him to his limits in every aspect and he handled it with perfect grace. I was so proud of him.

Of course, I do have a few stories that came out of this trip. What would a family trip be without stories? Especially with my crazy family? As far as the airplane ride, E was AWESOME. Yes, awesome in all CAPS. He slept most of the way laying on me (which I loved as much as him). And when he wasn't sleeping he was people watching staring stalking. He would find somebody and mean mug them down. He wouldn't take hims eyes off of them for one second. It was pretty cute if you ask me. Maybe not to the person who had a six month old staring at them for an hour, but hey not my problem! While in the airport I came to the conclusion that people can not look at a baby and not smile. Every person that walked past E had to smile at him. People love babies outside of being on an airplane with them. On the flight home E harassed the girl beside us pretty much half the trip. He's obsessed with scratching, he wanted to scratch her clothes, as well as her chair and everything in between. Luckily, she wasn't a baby hater so I don't think she minded. We were on the same flights as my nieces and nephew. On the flight back home two of the three barfed. Seeing straight Fanta coming back up isn't on my top ten list of things to see before I die. But I guess I can add it and take if off the Bucket List now. I've determined the air on airplanes is either all or none. The little twisty control above your head is either blowing full force, cool wind in the hair effect or it's not blowing at all. Not fun for dry, tired eyes. Enough about our plane ride, it was a complete success and I can't wait to do it again.

On to the wedding. We wouldn't hold true to our family genetics if we didn't have a poo story to tell. We were running late to the wedding, of course we always do now that we have a baby. We pull into our parking space ready to run in and the question bring the diaper bag or not to bring the diaper bag? That was the question. Nah. Once we walk the distance of a football field to get inside because we got the very back parking space, Chris informs me he thinks E pooed. We couldn't have made this assessment ten minutes ago? The air conditioning we were running towards must have brought a wift of fresh poo to Chris's nose. I go in for my assessment. Hold baby up, take a deep breath in through my nose...nope no poo. But for good measure I did the blind finger sweep. Bad ideal, very bad ideal. He'd pooed, no denying it. The green guacamole was there on my finger as proof. How's that for proof? I'm freaking. Chris is trying to pass baby off to me. Hellllllo Chris I've got real human feces on my finger....please hold. I take off into the bathroom, only to find the whole bridal party there to greet me. My sweet cousin Jenny going in for a hug. I had to show the finger. As everybody ewwwwwwed. I washed my hands and Chris, E, and I marched back out to the car. Yes, by the time we got back the wedding had started. E was a true gentleman through the whole ceremony, with the exception of when my ring scratched his face and he screamed bloody murder. Swift exit of the husband and baby. But he came back and was as sweet as ever.

At the reception E loved the music and lights, he was completely mesmerized. He fell asleep in my arms around 9:30 (8:30 our time). After the cake was cut, it was time for our exit. E was worn slap out and we had a busy next day ahead. We were the first in the family to leave so we ended up taking my grandparents home. I love my grandparents dearly. We lived next door to them my whole childhood, and my parents still do. But (there's always a but) my poor PawPaw has dementia and it seems to be getting worse. He can't remember what he says from one minute to the next. He can't remember people either. Sleepy baby and PawPaw with dementia...bad combination. The only positive to this story is Sara (my heaven sent sister-in-law) drives like a bat out of hell and she was driving. We put E in his car seat successfully without waking him. It wasn't until PawPaw decided he had to pee (he also has a bladder problem, he peed six times in the thirty minutes prior to entering the car) that E decided to wake. PawPaw was escorted to the bathroom, again. As we take off all seems well, except for PawPaw asking twenty times "Where are we? What highway is this?" By this point E is tired and PawPaw won't stop talking so E starts crying. And he doesn't stop. Sweet Paw is trying to console him, but it just pissed E off more. After about ten minutes E starts full out waling at the top of his lungs. I'm in the back seat rubbing his head, and shushing him trying to calm him down. But he's gone past that point. I meet my breaking point as well and start bawling too. I hate when E cries like that and I can't help him. So now we have a crazy frazzled squalling mother in the back seat, a screaming tot in the middle seat, along with a grandpa with dementia. Two out of the five people in the car were sane. The majority wins. Finally after thirty minutes of crying E calms down. I'm going to go ahead and say that was the worst car ride ever. We survived, but barely.

Once we got to my Aunt's house I bathed E and his mood turned around. E and Sara played for about thirty minutes before bed and he was all smiles and giggles. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! His schedule was completely screwed up. His naps were interrupted. And he was perfect, with the exception of the car ride, but I get that. All in all it was a wonderful trip. Our whole family was there and they all got to see E and we caught up. The wedding was beautiful and Jenny was a gorgeous bride. Until the next adventure......

Lesson learned on this trip- I will always have faith in my child.

P.S. Pictures will be posted soon. Just not today.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sunflower Season

Today was sunflower picture day. The sunflowers are blooming here in North Louisiana, and they are absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. Quite a sight to see. And they make the perfect picture opportunity. One of my really, really, really good friends Brooke Eason has started doing photography and she's always looking for cute kiddos to shoot. Did somebody say cute kiddo? I think I know just the perfect specimen ;) So she suggested we head out to the sunflower fields. It was a gorgeous day today, sunny with just enough clouds and slightly windy. Just enough wind to save you from dying of a heat stroke. These 90 degree Louisiana temperatures are brutal. My mom joined along on the ride, my trusty sidekick, as well as my niece and nephew. My mom loves taking pictures too, more of a hobby for her, not a profession. Chris didn't get to participate (which he was probably glad- he hates taking pictures)....he was busy providing for our family. Here's some of the precious images captured today. 

The top six were done by my mom. And the last three by Brooke. 

These pictures make me smile. They capture E's personality so well. He's so laid back. Nothing impresses him. He reminds me so much of his Daddy. Cool, Calm, and Collected. 

Babies on a plane...similar to snakes on a plane

This weekend my cousin is getting married in Kentucky. Might I add, she and her husband are absolutely perfect together. I am so excited for them. We had a decision to sixteen hours with baby, or fly. Tough decision...right? Wrong. Easy, very easy. Well, the day is approaching. A six month old on a plane, humorous. I'm quite frankly nervous as shit. My mother says E can sense that. If so it's going to be a long dang trip. I should have faith in my little one, and part of me does. But not enough of me. I remember flying pre baby..."Seriously is there a baby on this plane. And of course it's going to sit right behind me. Babies shouldn't be allowed to fly." Now look at me, I'm that annoying parent lugging their baby around on their worldly travels. I'm interested to see what looks I get from the young adults and the snooty business people. E has about an hour of fussy time each day and I am PRAYING that time won't hit on the plane.

Another issue I'm quite nervous about, what if E takes a poo on the plane? What do I do?! Are there baby changing stations on the plane? I need to research this ASAP. It would be my luck E would crap himself midair. As long as it's not THE teething diarrhea I experienced a couple of weeks ago I should be good. 

Okay I'm changing my tone about this flying thing....on some bright notes. 

1. Chris and I are sitting beside each other. We can accomplish anything as a team. When one gets flustered we pass off to the next. 

2. I bought a bunch of those cool squeezable pouch vegetables and fruits. So no bowls necessary. Could get interesting if those pouches fill up with air due to the cabin pressure. Haha! A banana/orange explosion in my bag. Maybe not so cool. 

3. E loves people. He is a people watcher like his Mommy. Mr. Nosey himself. As long as none of those strangers try to touch E and spread their germs we'll be good. 

4. E loves when we hold him and tote him around...he'll be glued to us for six hours. His baby dream come true. 

5. Our trip will be cut in half. Actually over half. And that alone is reason enough to not care what other passengers think. Holllllllllaaaa!

I don't think I've ever mentioned on my blog how lucky I am to have such an amazing mother-in-law. CeCe watched E for a few hours today while I packed. She loves E so much, and E loves her. I'm fortunate to have a MIL that I see more as a second mom. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Reflection

My dad is the most wonderful man I know. He is kind, loving, caring, compassionate, funny, friendly, serious, patient, everything a father should be and so much more. He sets the standard for what it takes to be an amazing father. When I was a baby my dad would wake up early in the morning with me and video tape himself rocking me. My dad threw a paper route in the wee hours of the morning to support our family, and then went to his full time job afterwards. I remember when I got to go on the route with him, I loved it! He even let me throw some papers. When looking for a husband I hoped to find somebody just like my dad....and I did.

Chris is an exceptional father. A lot of dads don't have much to do with their kids when they are babies, due to lacking that second nature it takes to care for a baby. Chris is all hands on. He feeds, he changes diaper, he watches E on his days off so he doesn't have to go to daycare, he  bathes E, he literally does every single thing I do (except for cutting fingernails). And for that I am so grateful. It's so nice having an extra backbone for support. Chris meets all of my dad's standards. E's face glows when Chris is around. You can already tell how much he loves his daddy. It melts my heart. I really think I might have a run for my money on whether E is a Mama's boy or Daddy's boy.

My father-in-laws (Chris's dad and stepdad) are wonderful as well. They each hold a special spot in my heart. I think both of them played a huge part in forming Chris into the person he is today. And for that I am FOREVER grateful.

For the first five years of our marriage Chris and I swore off kids. We weren't interested. We didn't want ever. Boy am I glad our minds changed! E is the best thing that ever happened to us. He gives us true purpose. A purpose outside of ourselves. On this first Father's Day, I am thankful for the man Chris is and for the example he is to our son. I pray E turns out just like his Daddy.

Here are some pictures capturing our Father's Day. Sorry they're poor quality- forgot my good camera.

First Father's Day

My sweet little family

At Paw's house
Chris, E, Paw, Jenn, and Grandpa

This is where Chris gets his sense of humor from. E was playing with Grandpa's hair.

E found a fishing pole that's just his size.


Paw and E

Father of the year...I told y'all he does it all

PaPaw and his new hat. Looking good.

My Daddy

Poppy and E
Poppy is E's favorite swimming partner. 
Poppy would blow bubbles in the water and E would lay his head against Poppy's forehead.

Can you guess who's going to be in charge of teaching E how to swim?

Somebody was completely worn out!