Monday, June 25, 2012

Sick baby = Sad Mommy

Well the inevitable/unavoidable has happened. E is sick. And it absolutely breaks my heart. I was trying so hard to just get him to a year without getting sick. When E woke up from his nap yesterday afternoon, he woke up screaming. Which never happens. He usually always wakes up happy and playful. I would give him his paci and he'd suck a couple of times and then spit it out and scream. My first thought...more teeth. I felt his top gums and felt a little bump. All of E's teething medicine was with my mom somewhere in Mississippi headed back to Louisiana. So off Chris went to get some Ibuprofen for little bit. By the time Chris got back E was fine and playing so I didn't give him any medicine. I'm that anti medicine mother...if he can make it without it I'm not giving it. I think nowadays people run to medicine for everything. People made it in the old days without medicine. I don't want to give E medicine all the time and then his body build immunity up to it to where it won't work anymore. We ended up putting E to bed around 8:45 and he was back up by 10:30 screaming. Chris was still awake and went in there to check on him and E had a runny nose. I was thinking well maybe it's just because he was crying. HA! E was back up at 11:30 screaming again. I go to check on him and he looks absolutely pitiful. The poor boy couldn't breath through his nose whatsoever. I call my mom crying, crying more so because I felt like I could've prevented it. My niece was sick with a cough, but my sister chalked it up as allergies. I knew better. I kept telling Chelsea "Stay out of E's face," but she's excited to see him and it's hard for a four year old to even remember what you said five minutes ago. My mom suggests keeping him in the upright position so all the drainage will go down and not to the back of his airway. So I rock him back to sleep and hold him upright until 3:00 in the morning. That's when delirium set in (I'd only slept four hours the night before- we left my Aunt's house at 5:00 in the morning headed to the airport). I decided to try E's swing, that he's WAY too big for now. It worked for about thirty minutes, the thirty minutes it took me to drift off into good sleep. E had managed to scooch himself down to where he was only hanging on by the buckle through his legs. I held and rocked some more. Then the light bulb went off...carseat! He slept in that for about two hours. Once he started waking up in that Chris woke up and gave me a break. By 8:00 I was on the phone with the doctor's office and had an appointment for 9:30. I loaded E up and headed to the doctor. Luckily it was just a runny nose and no ear infections. Thank goodness! It's just one of those things you just have to let it run its course. We were given a prescription for a decongestant, so hopefully that helps some. I'm praying for a good night, because I can't call into work two days. If tonight is like last night, zombie mode will definitely go into affect. Not the whole eating people part, but the looking half dead part.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry he is sick! I know we dealt with it alot the beginning of the year. Abram got a bad wheeze & had to do breating treatments and it took forever for him to kick it! So glad he will be better soon & I hope you got some sleep! :-)

  2. It is really heartbreaking for a mother to see that her little angel is sick! But I’m glad that E is alright now. The teething and his runny nose must have sent him off the mood. Some babies are a bit fussier when they are teething. This is because of the soreness of the gums. Just give him a mild pain reliever that is apt for his age. And with a clean finger, gently massage his gums for about two minutes at a time. As for colds, you can use saline nasal drops next time. It helps in thinning the mucus in your baby’s nose, so you can suction it with a nasal aspirator designed for babies.

    Chalice Lindgren