Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Babies on a plane...similar to snakes on a plane

This weekend my cousin is getting married in Kentucky. Might I add, she and her husband are absolutely perfect together. I am so excited for them. We had a decision to sixteen hours with baby, or fly. Tough decision...right? Wrong. Easy, very easy. Well, the day is approaching. A six month old on a plane, humorous. I'm quite frankly nervous as shit. My mother says E can sense that. If so it's going to be a long dang trip. I should have faith in my little one, and part of me does. But not enough of me. I remember flying pre baby..."Seriously is there a baby on this plane. And of course it's going to sit right behind me. Babies shouldn't be allowed to fly." Now look at me, I'm that annoying parent lugging their baby around on their worldly travels. I'm interested to see what looks I get from the young adults and the snooty business people. E has about an hour of fussy time each day and I am PRAYING that time won't hit on the plane.

Another issue I'm quite nervous about, what if E takes a poo on the plane? What do I do?! Are there baby changing stations on the plane? I need to research this ASAP. It would be my luck E would crap himself midair. As long as it's not THE teething diarrhea I experienced a couple of weeks ago I should be good. 

Okay I'm changing my tone about this flying thing....on some bright notes. 

1. Chris and I are sitting beside each other. We can accomplish anything as a team. When one gets flustered we pass off to the next. 

2. I bought a bunch of those cool squeezable pouch vegetables and fruits. So no bowls necessary. Could get interesting if those pouches fill up with air due to the cabin pressure. Haha! A banana/orange explosion in my bag. Maybe not so cool. 

3. E loves people. He is a people watcher like his Mommy. Mr. Nosey himself. As long as none of those strangers try to touch E and spread their germs we'll be good. 

4. E loves when we hold him and tote him around...he'll be glued to us for six hours. His baby dream come true. 

5. Our trip will be cut in half. Actually over half. And that alone is reason enough to not care what other passengers think. Holllllllllaaaa!

I don't think I've ever mentioned on my blog how lucky I am to have such an amazing mother-in-law. CeCe watched E for a few hours today while I packed. She loves E so much, and E loves her. I'm fortunate to have a MIL that I see more as a second mom. 

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  1. Oh Brandi! You CRACK me up! I would be nervous too, but it sounds like you are planning out everything well! Hope ya'll have a great time & can't wait to hear how it all goes! ;-)