Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kentucky in three days

We survived people. Survived better than I ever could've imagined. Even more proof that I underestimate what my child is capable of. We flew, we danced, we sang, we hugged, we kissed, we missed naps, we were up WAY past bed times, and all this with very minimal tears. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think E could handle so much. We pushed him to his limits in every aspect and he handled it with perfect grace. I was so proud of him.

Of course, I do have a few stories that came out of this trip. What would a family trip be without stories? Especially with my crazy family? As far as the airplane ride, E was AWESOME. Yes, awesome in all CAPS. He slept most of the way laying on me (which I loved as much as him). And when he wasn't sleeping he was people watching staring stalking. He would find somebody and mean mug them down. He wouldn't take hims eyes off of them for one second. It was pretty cute if you ask me. Maybe not to the person who had a six month old staring at them for an hour, but hey not my problem! While in the airport I came to the conclusion that people can not look at a baby and not smile. Every person that walked past E had to smile at him. People love babies outside of being on an airplane with them. On the flight home E harassed the girl beside us pretty much half the trip. He's obsessed with scratching, he wanted to scratch her clothes, as well as her chair and everything in between. Luckily, she wasn't a baby hater so I don't think she minded. We were on the same flights as my nieces and nephew. On the flight back home two of the three barfed. Seeing straight Fanta coming back up isn't on my top ten list of things to see before I die. But I guess I can add it and take if off the Bucket List now. I've determined the air on airplanes is either all or none. The little twisty control above your head is either blowing full force, cool wind in the hair effect or it's not blowing at all. Not fun for dry, tired eyes. Enough about our plane ride, it was a complete success and I can't wait to do it again.

On to the wedding. We wouldn't hold true to our family genetics if we didn't have a poo story to tell. We were running late to the wedding, of course we always do now that we have a baby. We pull into our parking space ready to run in and the question bring the diaper bag or not to bring the diaper bag? That was the question. Nah. Once we walk the distance of a football field to get inside because we got the very back parking space, Chris informs me he thinks E pooed. We couldn't have made this assessment ten minutes ago? The air conditioning we were running towards must have brought a wift of fresh poo to Chris's nose. I go in for my assessment. Hold baby up, take a deep breath in through my nose...nope no poo. But for good measure I did the blind finger sweep. Bad ideal, very bad ideal. He'd pooed, no denying it. The green guacamole was there on my finger as proof. How's that for proof? I'm freaking. Chris is trying to pass baby off to me. Hellllllo Chris I've got real human feces on my finger....please hold. I take off into the bathroom, only to find the whole bridal party there to greet me. My sweet cousin Jenny going in for a hug. I had to show the finger. As everybody ewwwwwwed. I washed my hands and Chris, E, and I marched back out to the car. Yes, by the time we got back the wedding had started. E was a true gentleman through the whole ceremony, with the exception of when my ring scratched his face and he screamed bloody murder. Swift exit of the husband and baby. But he came back and was as sweet as ever.

At the reception E loved the music and lights, he was completely mesmerized. He fell asleep in my arms around 9:30 (8:30 our time). After the cake was cut, it was time for our exit. E was worn slap out and we had a busy next day ahead. We were the first in the family to leave so we ended up taking my grandparents home. I love my grandparents dearly. We lived next door to them my whole childhood, and my parents still do. But (there's always a but) my poor PawPaw has dementia and it seems to be getting worse. He can't remember what he says from one minute to the next. He can't remember people either. Sleepy baby and PawPaw with dementia...bad combination. The only positive to this story is Sara (my heaven sent sister-in-law) drives like a bat out of hell and she was driving. We put E in his car seat successfully without waking him. It wasn't until PawPaw decided he had to pee (he also has a bladder problem, he peed six times in the thirty minutes prior to entering the car) that E decided to wake. PawPaw was escorted to the bathroom, again. As we take off all seems well, except for PawPaw asking twenty times "Where are we? What highway is this?" By this point E is tired and PawPaw won't stop talking so E starts crying. And he doesn't stop. Sweet Paw is trying to console him, but it just pissed E off more. After about ten minutes E starts full out waling at the top of his lungs. I'm in the back seat rubbing his head, and shushing him trying to calm him down. But he's gone past that point. I meet my breaking point as well and start bawling too. I hate when E cries like that and I can't help him. So now we have a crazy frazzled squalling mother in the back seat, a screaming tot in the middle seat, along with a grandpa with dementia. Two out of the five people in the car were sane. The majority wins. Finally after thirty minutes of crying E calms down. I'm going to go ahead and say that was the worst car ride ever. We survived, but barely.

Once we got to my Aunt's house I bathed E and his mood turned around. E and Sara played for about thirty minutes before bed and he was all smiles and giggles. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! His schedule was completely screwed up. His naps were interrupted. And he was perfect, with the exception of the car ride, but I get that. All in all it was a wonderful trip. Our whole family was there and they all got to see E and we caught up. The wedding was beautiful and Jenny was a gorgeous bride. Until the next adventure......

Lesson learned on this trip- I will always have faith in my child.

P.S. Pictures will be posted soon. Just not today.

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