Wednesday, June 27, 2012

As promised.....

I've finally downloaded some pictures from the wedding. With E being sick, my time has been limited. Most of the pics are from my iPhone. I forgot my good camera due to me rushing and running around trying to get E ready for the wedding. 

Fun on the flight. The picture on the left is what E did the most.

Pictures were hanging on the end of the pews of the bride and groom and we found this one that looks like a girl version of E.


Rehearsal Fun

These are the bridesmaids gifts. So cute!

Jenny's beautiful dress. The hanger said Jenny loves Brett. So neat. 

Wedding fun

Some precious things at the reception
It was outdoors and perfect. The weather was just right. 
The top left picture was on the lawn (the groom's last name is Meade).
The bottom picture is a canvas that people put their thumb prints on when they arrived. 

Chiara and "her" E

E fell asleep to "The Wobble"

Sara, Jenny (the gorgeous bride), Chiara, E (passed out), and Me

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