Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

In the complete madness of the past week, I completely forgot to blog about Mother's Day. (Chris has been in class from 8-5 EVERY day, along with working his normal fire department schedule. So he has been home MAYBE a total of nine waking hours.)

Friday I came home to flower beds full of flowers. My usually horrible gift giver of a husband completely surprised me. For the last month I've been talking about how bad I needed to do our beds. There honestly just hasn't been time. And when there is that little sliver of time I'm quite frankly tired. So sitting in the hot sun and digging in the dirt just doesn't sound appealing. Chris found time to run to Home Depot and plant them before I got off at 3:00. Did I mention he was in charge of E that day? I'm sure to some it doesn't sound like much, but goodness E is an all day job. He's at that age of being into everything. You can't take your eyes off of him for one second or he's throwing dog food, or has climbed on top of the bed.  I was highly impressed. 

Saturday I got to spend some quality time with my grandma and mom. We went to the movies. Movie of choice: The Great Gatsby. The reviews on it weren't all that great, but we really enjoyed it. Goes to prove that those people who review the movies have no clue what they're talking about. I wasn't the only one who got a surprise for Mother's Day. My grandmother came home to find that my dementia grandfather had moved her car. I forgot to mention, he's been legally blind for at least the last fifteen years. Scary, I know. His attachment object is his keys, so to be without his keys would seriously send him over the edge. Needless to say, some key switching has been done. No more car keys for Paw. 

Sunday was family day. Lunch was at my mom's house. I tried to coax her into letting me cook, but she  didn't fall for it. Drives me crazy. Either a. she just doesn't like my cooking and isn't trying to hurt my feelings or b. she's just that dang stubborn. I'm leaning towards b. Lunch was great of course and the company was even better. Once Chris got off we headed to the MIL's hacienda. A huge surprise was in store for her. Chase, Chris's younger brother, was making a surprise appearance. Mrs. Carol had no clue. All three of her kiddos would be there. Her expression when she saw him was priceless. I love surprises like that. We had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. My fav. It was overall a wonderful day spent with some of the most important people in my life. Many of them mothers who I look up to. 

As an added bonus to Mother's Day, I also got an iphone 5. My poor little 4, which I've been rocking for the last two years, was giving out on me. When your phone informs you it can no longer take any more pictures, you know it's bad. And I had deleted every unimportant picture I had. I definitely went up in storage space on my 5. Mama takes a crap ton of pictures and videos. Add another amazing Mother's Day to the books.

Me and my little man

The SIL, MIL, and me
Wonderful mothers to look up to.

I forgot my camera and didn't get any pictures of my side of the family :( 
At least I got one of E and me (compliments of the SIL). 

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