Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Tis the Season

What a fun Christmas this year! So much different than last year. No postpartum depression. No tears this year for this girl here. (Pat on my back.) E woke up to a living room full of toys. Santa was very good to E this year. Out of all the toys to choose from, E automatically beelined to the $10 white trash can. Surprise face! I've been a little MIA from my blog in the last month. Between E's birthday and Christmas this mama has been super duper busy. So let me catch everybody up.....MY CHILD'S FUTURE IS LEANING TOWARDS BEING A GARBAGE MAN. There I said it. E is out of control, obsessed (to a creepy, scary point) with our gross, disgusting, filth ridden trash can. Here are just a few pictures taken over the last month (notice all different days by the different outfits). And he doesn't discriminate, he plays with all trash cans- white, black, stainless, step foot, hit top, spin top. If it holds trash he's all up in it. I think Santa brought him a grill in hopes that he might change avenues towards a short order cook, but E's not falling for it. 

I think the white bearded man brought E a trash can in hopes that he'd stay of of his Mommy's....wrong! E's way too smart for that. 
So as a plan B I relocated the trash can in the laundry room. Behind a sliding door. E was not deterred. Instead, now when he hears the door sliding open he takes off running to try and beat the door before it closes back. It's quite a sight to see. And let me tell you, those big ears work very well. Possibly too well. So our battle royale over the trash can continues. 

Back to Christmas.
When E first walked into the living room he was mesmerized by the fact that his Nonnie, Poppy, Grannie, and Paw were all there. He just checked everybody out for the first few minutes. Then the fun began! There was sliding, lego stacking, hamburger grilling, and teeth brushing going on. 

Welcome to SantaLand

The Holy Grail of Christmas

Check out that silly boy's bed head




My sweet little family in our Christmas PJs

And then there's this....
The husband in his union suit.
No I did not force him to wear this.
No I did not bribe him to wear this.
Nor did I blackmail him.
Yes, a couple of Christmas's ago HE asked for this.
And yes, there's a poop door in the back. 
A grown folks onesie.

We spent the morning at home playing with E and all of his new goodies. 
For lunch we went to CeCe's house. The menu consisted of sandwiches, soup, and salad. Which I think was a wonderful ideal. We were turkeyed out after Thanksgiving. E got lots more goodies- which he didn't quite get to enjoy at the time because he was mid meltdown. Needless to say, we headed back home for family nap time. 


E and his cousin Aly, who he is absolutely smitten with. 

After nap time we headed over to Nonnie and Poppy's for steak and potatoes. Can you say YUM?! While we were there, my mom pulled out an old jewel.....

This is little boy last Christmas. Gosh time flies! 
This picture made me realize how far we've really come. 

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas that was filled with many, many memories and lots and lots of love.

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