Saturday, January 5, 2013

Leash the kid

As a parent I have said "I am never going to.....," and I have done just about every single one of the things I swore to never do. From making my house into a one year old playground to letting my child watch television. I have erased "I am never going to" from my verbal dictionary. 

E goes non-stop ALL day long. One minute he's in the bathroom breaking a bottle of perfume and the next minute he's in the laundry room holding a Coke can he found in the garbage can. The garbage can  he's not supposed to be in. In a matter of seconds he can cause mass destruction in our house. Every nap/ feeding break/ bedtime I spend thirty minutes picking up E's chaos. Saying all that, now I understand why people put leashes on their children. I still don't think I could leash E up (it would have to be extreme circumstances), but I SO get it! I pledge to never again judge the parent of a leashed child. My busy, busy, busy one year old has truly opened my eyes. 

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