Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting the new year off right

Welp, our household has started the new year off right. 
Chris (on the nights he's here) usually does night time bath/get ready for bed duty. 
For some reason- that reason probably being a wild one year old on the changing table- Chris put E in a regular daytime diaper. The cheapo Target version. For night time we put E in a Pampers, because they seem to hold pee better. So guess who woke up soaking wet. Yep, E. Today was supposed to be stay in your pajama day, change of plans. 

We got little boy dressed and decided since we ended up dressing him we'd go get breakfast at the local Waffle House. Thinking my day was as interesting as it was going to get, WRONG! I thought since we went at 8:00 in the morning all the weirdos wouldn't be there. Ha! Jokes on me. While at Waffle House, a teenage meth head decided to take interest in my child. She stood at our table for about five minutes (too long) trying to give E his cup and talk to him. E was of course completely uninterested, but the girl just couldn't quite take the hint. I swear if she would have touched him I would've lost my marbles. I kept giving Chris my big bug eyes- meaning tell her to leave. Finally she leaves, only to return a few minutes later holding her arm out to me. Having no clue what the heck she was doing we had an awkward stare down for about a minute. Finally bitch mode came out in me and I responded to her crack-headish behavior. My response, "What, what do you want?!" She wanted to show me her pink watch. I said that's pretty and she walked away for good. It stresses me out just typing it. I'm so worried about offending people or hurting their feelings, but dang girl go away! The way this world is going you never know how somebody is going to respond to you, and I try my best to not respond to strangers in an aggressive way. Needless to say, we will never be returning to another Waffle House with child. Too many creepers.

We got home had a nap, ate lunch, did our usual.
I snuck off to the laundry room, because I have to hide in order to wash clothes so that E won't get in  our trash can. While in the laundry room, Chris made a gruesome discovery. Picture to follow.

Yes, that is what you think it is. And I have NO clue how it got there. I guess gravity took it's toll and it simply rolled down his leg. Ewwwww. I'm assuming his diaper was not on very tight and it simply plopped out. Early bath time for E. 

After E's bath I put his clean sheets back on from his morning leakage. It's easiest for me to just take the whole mattress out than to try and maneuver around the crib bumpers. E loved playing on the mattress on the floor. An easy fifteen minute distraction :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Years!


  1. I wish I had seen your face at Waffle House!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!

    1. Girl I am SURE you have seen "the look." I was about to die! I shudder just thinking about it.