Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cupid and Haircuts

Valentine's Day...oh how I love thee! I love Valentine's Day because Chris and I are "simple" people. We really don't require much, but each other and of course our sweet E. For all of the Valentine's Days since 2005 (when I was in school, busy studying my life away) (dang that seems FOREVER ago!) we have always done take-out. Usually Chinese. This year we decided to make it a hot date with the three of us. Originally the menu was steak, E threw a gargantious fit before we left and we settled for Olive Garden. We didn't want to go anywhere too fancy with a raging one year old. We should've just stuck with the good ole take out. Never fails us. But prego right here wanted to "go out." Dinner ended up being great, but by the time we got home I was exhausted. Luckily, E decided one fit for the day was sufficient. Cupid made a special landing for a sweet (despite the fits) one year old. E has a new love for animal crackers and puzzles :)

The day before Valentine's Day I ran ALL over town looking for a stupid Valentine's Day shirt. Let me go ahead and tell you, there is no such thing that exists for little boys. Yes, I should've planned better. My excuse- I'm pregnant. Yes, I can use that excuse for the next seven months. My excuse after those seven months- I have two kids! hehe. Since there were no Valentine's Day shirts, this is what E settled for. I still think he's the cutest thing ever, real Valentine's Day shirt or not. But I am extremely biased. 

Jumping forward to today.....Today was a BIG day. First haircut! And my mommy instincts were correct- E was going to absolutely, positively hate this. The child hates Santa and the doctor. There is no way in hell he was going to like a haircut. My poor child is so sheltered, but I'm okay with that. We went to Sports Clips, somewhere where making a scene wouldn't be too big of a deal. I'm sure all the twenty something, childless men loved having a screaming infant sitting next to them. Hate it for them. But this mama was desperate to rid her sweet child of the mullet. E was originally in my lap and as soon as the lady attempted to put the "batman cape" on E went ballistic! My child literally turned into the exorcist. Screaming, body throwing, the whole shabang. Ten minutes later and in Nonnie's lap, pretty much in a headlock the shears were broken out. About fifteen minutes later and pouring a sweat from dancing around like a monkey, my child had his first haircut. I thought this moment would be extremely emotional (especially with my wacked out hormones), wrong! Instead, I was drenched with a headache that I would've sworn my head was about to launch off my shoulders at any minute. But E turned out super handsome and so grown up. Goal achieved. My mother got great pleasure in this haircut, because I acted just like him when I was little. So much determination in that little body. I can't wait to see how the Easter Bunny and dentist goes. NOT! The things we do for our children.

E semi-entertained.

By this point I'm sure you are thinking "Dang that kid's a little turd!" But he really is such a sweet boy. He has his flare ups, but overall he is so funny, and caring, and loving, and playful. I love him to pieces, even his fits. They kind of make me laugh, because I see so much of myself in there. My take on it right now is it's a phase. My plan of execution to rid them is to ignore them. I figure if I don't pay attention to them, he'll stop throwing them. I know he will grow out of the fit phase, but until then I will pretend they don't exist. 

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