Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things not to be missed in the first tri

I do believe the first trimester is by far the hardest trimester. When I was pregnant with E I literally just laid around all day. I was tired constantly and nauseated ALL the time. I had no such thing as "morning sickness". I had all day sickness. Well, not much has changed with baby number two, except I chase after a one year old all day. No laying around all day feeling woe is me. By the time I put E down for bed this mama is tired, better yet exhausted! Yet, I am still forever grateful for this sweet baby in my belly. I would take a whole nine months of tiredness and nausea to have a healthy baby in the end. 

Here is my list of things that I will not miss about the first trimester: 

1.  The fear of miscarrying. Never had one. But I am a worrier, and it's always in the back of my mind.

2. Lack of energy. I'm so ready for that second trimester burst of energy! Chasing a wild one year old around while already running on zero cylinders can be trying at times. I find it especially difficult after working all day. Luckily, I have the most amazing husband EVER, and he lets me sneak in hour long naps every now and then. I feel like a different person after those naps.

3. The relentless waves of nausea. This week I learned if I just eat all day I feel less nauseated. That worked for about three days and just when I thought I was over the nausea hump.....BAMMMMM! Yesterday I felt "blah" for the most part of the day. I would keep snacking throughout the day in hopes it would make me feel better. Never really saw any improvement. As a last ditch effort to curve my nausea I decided I had to eat dinner. Leftover red beans and rice. Four bites in and it was all coming back up. Thankfully little man was enjoying his supper in his high chair so mommy could enjoy her volatile hurling all by herself. 

4. The appearance of a fat roll/possibly baby belly. This is always the awkward phase for pregnant women. It's that phase where you kind of start showing, but not really. People easily mistake "it" for gained weight, specifically excess flubber around the mid section. Luckily, I'm not an obsessive weight watcher so this one doesn't bother me too much. I just wear looser shirts. 

5. Sleep intruders. For some strange reason, in the early weeks of my pregnancies I have crazy dreams! Dreams about people dying who I haven't seen, or thought about,  in years. This was one of the first reasons I knew I was pregnant. I'm blaming this on hormone changes.

6. The acne that has decided to pop up ALL over my body. Face, back, neck. You name it it's there. I look like a thirteen year old boy making his flight through puberty. Shooooooot me!

So there it is....three more weeks. And hopefully at least the first three will be gone :) On a more positive note, I'm  going to live it up and enjoy sleeping on my belly while I can!!! Before too long it's going to be too large for tall that jazz. 

My sweet friend Christie got me the most perfect gift. A pregnancy MayBook! I'm a MayBook aholic.

Sorry for the crappy quality- too lazy to bust out the "real" camera. 

Next blog post (hopefully in the next couple of days!) a Valentine's Day recap.

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