Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Mo

It's official like a referee with a whistle....there is a baby in there!!! And just ONE! Thank you Jesus. He knows how much I can handle- and I do believe that is not twins. 
Baby Mo's sweet little heart was fluttering away at 155 beats per minute. 
Mo was two days behind on growth for age, which isn't anything to freak out over. As long as baby keeps growing. September 22 is the due date, but considering that is a Sunday, and the fact that I had a c-section with E, baby Mo will probably be born that next week. Unless Baby Mo has a plan of his/her own. Which, being my child, I don't doubt. 

Here are some early fetus photos.

Just a little bean bouncing around in there. :)

I changed physicians with this pregnancy. I was/am still a little bitter about having a c-section, that I felt was possibly unwarranted. But I have a healthy little boy so I'm not too bitter. And I was not pleased with my hospital experience. So it was time  to try something different this go round. I have heard wonderful things about my NEW doctor. I've actually been around her once when my friend had her baby and I loved her bedside manner. I think working in the medical field I hold physicians to a different level and know what I expect out of them. I think Chris and I were in awwww when we walked up to the office. It was a smaller office in a clinic with two doctors and a nurse practitioner in it. There were only two other ladies sitting in the waiting room. At our last doctor's office there were at least 25-30 women in the waiting room at all times, granted there are like five doctors in that office. I felt this office was more quaint and personal. My ultrasound was on time, as well as my appointment. At E's first fetus appointment we had an ultrasound and were told the doctor wouldn't be back for three hours, so we could go run around town and come back. Which is what we did. We knew no better. I understand OBGYN doctors deliver babies and babies come on their own schedule, but goodness! Three hours later?! When Dr. New came in the room I felt like I'd known her forever. 1/4 of the time we talked about baby and the other 3/4 we talked about anything and everything. She was amazing! I am so pleased I took a leap of faith and made a change. This doctor is notorious for delivering all of her babies- which I really admire. I can tell she really loves her profession. And to make everything  even better, she delivers at a hospital other than where E was born. All plusses and no minuses.

On another note, poor E isn't feeling so hot. Not sure if it's teething or virus or an ear infection or what. But he was pretty pitiful today. He perked up after a dose of Ibuprofen. So I'm hoping he sleeps okay through the night and wakes up a new boy. If not, this mommy will be tracking it to the peds office in the morning. I have a feeling the next year will be spent in doctors offices, between E and I. Mid as well get used to it now, I'll probably have an assigned chair at the peds office once numero dos gets here. Stay tuned: next blog post- what I won't miss about the first trimester. 

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