Friday, April 1, 2016

And just like that…Spring Break is over

Even though it is Spring Break (a time for rest and relaxation- ha!!!) I feel like we have shifted into overdrive. We have gone non-stop for over a week. Between Easter parties, birthday parties, and egg hunts, oh yeah and the ever so fun and entertaining t-ball, our cup has runneth over. Over the weekend I learned the boys LOVE to hunt eggs- pretty sure I heard "hide them again, hide them again," about fifty times. We held at least four egg hunts. And I must say, I am over those stupid plastic eggs. They have secretly made their way back to the top of Ethan's closet, not to be seen again until next year.

Easter (outside of those plastic eggs) is by far one of my favorite holidays, right behind Christmas. There are just so many fun things for the kids to do- from dying eggs to seeing the ever so creepy Easter Bunny. This year both boys were definitely into it. Here is a little recap of our busy Easter holiday…..

Ethan goes to seriously one of the best preschools ever. The school is literally two hallways, but there is so much love packed in between those two hallways. They make learning fun and exciting for the kids. The school is actually part of a church, so the kids go to chapel each morning and learn about Jesus and his greatness- which I love! One of the bigger celebrations at the school is the flowering of the Cross and Easter hat parade, which was held Wednesday. Each kid brings a flower and gets to place it on the cross during chapel. After that there is a parade in the courtyard and the kids get to walk around in their Easter hats they (huh hmmm or maybe their parents) made. The most chaotic part is saved for last- the EGG HUNT. 

Friday we stepped it up a notch. I decided my children HAD to see the Easter bunny, or their Easter just wouldn't be fulfilled. They wouldn't receive the full Easter package- hunt, dye, and picture. So after I got off work on Friday (at 3:00) we decided it would be a good ideal to high tail it up to the Bass Pro Shop where the Easter Bunny would be making a special appearance from 2:00-8:00. Me being the cheapo that I am, was going to get the free BPS picture, not the $30 mall package which includes a measly four wallets. And if that included standing in line for a good hour and a half- by God we were going to stand in line for an hour and a half. Luckily we ended up seeing some of our friends with kids the same age, so our kids were well entertained. After getting in trouble by the grouchy door greeter lady, the kids and husbands took off to the fish tank and boats. We had been in line about 45 minutes and I see Chris carrying Evan with a very grim look on his face. I already knew what he was about to tell me….. for some reason I thought it a good ideal to potty train Evan. And when I do something, I usually do it big. I went cold turkey potty training style. No more diapers…period…And there we were- 45 minutes deep in the Easter Bunny line with pee stains on the front and a load of crap in the back. Apparently Evan got a little too comfortable in the bass boat. Good times. I remember having a pair of pants in my purse, but I also remember taking those pants out of my purse. So Evan and I go tromping across that BP parking lot to the Margaritaville parking lot. That should've been my first que to turn that Pilot around. There were zero parking spots at BPS. But as usual, I didn't listen to my inner self. We get to the car, only to find I have no pants. I had taken them out inside my house that morning and put them on the counter, not in my car. I call Chris, "ABORT THE MISSION!" Luckily, he still had his sense and was going to buy an overpriced pair at the BPS and meet me out front. I put a diaper on Evan (placed a temporary hold on the whole potty training gig) and put his pants back on and started the ten mile march back to the Easter bunny. Once I finally got to Chris Evan's pants had dried so I said screw it, if we're going to wait this long my kids are going to match- the Easter bunny is just going to have to endure the dried up piss pants (don't worry, no doody was on them, I'm not that ruthless). 

Worth the long wait and the "accident," which Evan still looks pissed (no pun intended) about. 
And no- my child didn't cause that stain on Mr. Bunny's arm. 

We got our free picture and headed back to B-town to Paw and DeDe's where the kids had an egg hunt extravaganza. To add to the excitement of the egg hunt, DeDe added in a few confetti eggs, which the kids had a blast with! Highly recommend the confetti eggs. 

The Mo Easter Bunny came on Saturday since Daddy wouldn't be there Sunday. Oh the joys of being a civil servant. The Easter Bunny hooked two little boys up. Their baskets primarily consisted of art stuff, stuff that wouldn't make them bounce the walls- that tends to come natural for these two, we need no assistance. The bunny also snuck in some ninja turtle tooth brushes (which were their favorite part) and some ninja turtle band aids. Sometimes it's just the simple things. 

Little Evie with his pretty much permanent dirty face

We also dyed eggs the same day the bunny came, which Evan proceeded to stomp into the concrete. Hey- whatever! Some things aren't worth it. If he wants to be Evan Reid the Egg Crusher, who am I to rain on his egg stomping party? After it was all said and done we all had dyed hands and the dog ate about five boiled, crushed eggs, which I would pay for later. 

On the for real Easter day, I got the boys dressed all cute and wanted to take a family photo- which never happened. My attempt at pictures Easter day are as follows…..

It is what it is……
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

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