Thursday, April 7, 2016

Doo Doo Balls

My sweet little Evan is officially/unofficially potty trained. It's very bittersweet. No more diapers EVER again at the Mo house. Mixed emotions there. Evan is an all star at his pee game, the poop game not so much. Evan isn't a fan of the potty, but he also doesn't like wearing it anymore. Therefore, when he does it in his drawers he rips them off with very little remorse. Not to mention, he is a stealth pooper- he can do it in mid play and you will never know it until he flings those drawers off.

Yesterday Evan and Ethan were jumping peacefully on the trampoline when I hear Ethan start screaming, "Mama, mama Evan's taking his underwear off, mama he's taking his underwear off!!!!!" Ethan is alllll about ratting his brother out- hopefully it stays that way well into their teens. I glance up thinking Ethan is just playing (he has that sense of humor), and then Ethan increases his pitch just a notch and starts frantically screaming, "Mama there are doo doo balls, doo doo balls are on the trampoline!!!" At this point do you think my children quit jumping- NOPE. They keep on jumping, along with the four Evan turds bouncing around with them. I panic and sternly tell them, "Everybody stop where you are! Don't move, don't jump." Because now it is my duty to fish the turds off the trampoline. Do the kids stop? Of course not. Instead they decide to try to pulverize the turds with the gigantic life size ball on the trampoline. So now I am attempting to scrape up flattened turds compliments of their bowling session. This is just a day in my life, a small little sliver of my life with boys. And for some reason, I think it is the best life EVER and I love those two boys with every ounce of my being. So much so I'd scrape their flattened pancake crap off the trampoline so they could continue to jump in a doo doo ball free zone.

Hopefully Evan will eventually conquer his fear of the toilet and I won't live in fear of where Evan will drop his loaf next. Until then, I will be watching him like a hawk in public. My sanity can not handle him ripping his poo filled underwear off in front of the rest of society. I have until August (when Evan starts school) to control this potty phobia and I have full faith he will turn into quite the little potty pooing human and not that wild doo doo ball flinging monkey of the past.

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