Sunday, April 17, 2016

DUCK….or not.

With two boys, my life stays a chaotic whirlwind 99% of the time. I truly think God has been grooming me for this life from day one. I never imagined myself as strictly a "boy mom," but now I could see myself as nothing but. I can honestly say, I never think I will get bored with this life- my boys won't allow it!

With that being said, at least once a week one of my children gets injured- and it's usually my sweet Evie. My baby. The one who has zero fear. The one who was so properly nicknamed Chuck Norris. He will do something dare devilish WAY before Ethan would ever think about it. He has busted his forehead open on a coffee table and his wonderful mother derma bonded it together wrong- pretty sure it's going to leave a gnarly scar. Good things chicks dig scars. He has had a fifty pound mirror fall on him and lived to tell about it. He has split his chin wide open on the bar (pretty sure he needed stitches on that one too), and kept on trucking. HE will probably be the reason I will be on blood pressure medication in a few years. If he doesn't sustain a broken bone by the age of five, it will be an absolute miracle. Our latest episode was at his brother's doing….the joys of being the younger brother.

A couple of weeks ago Ethan got this crazy ideal to ride his power wheel under the trampoline. It was all funny at the time, watching this four year old duck and continue to drive to the other side. He did it twice, and each time he would ask for permission. And after that day, that was that, he seemed "over" his newfound talent. Fast forward to last Friday, Chris was mowing grass (the side job) and it was pretty outside so of course the boys wanted to be outside. And of course they wanted to ride the power wheels. The rule is no riding in the front yard, only the back. Evan has had a couple of incidents of not paying enough attention and meandering too close to the street for his mama's comfort. Which that day I wasn't too worried about that because they had teamed up and decided to ride one power wheel with Ethan as the driver. All was well, so I decided I had a small window to paint my toenails. I got my polish and posted it up in a chair by the trampoline. As I was about to swipe the first coat of paint, I heard a blood curdling scream and heard the power wheel going full throttle. I look up trying to find where the boys were- scanning the backyard. All of a sudden I heard the power wheel stop and I see Evan come running from underneath the trampoline with blood pouring down his face- primarily over his left eye. I freaked. By this point Ethan had crawled out from underneath the trampoline as well and saw his brother's bloody face and began squalling. But my focus at the time was on Evan. Before I had even washed Evan's face I was already on the phone with the pediatrician's office and had a 3:00 appointment. Once I got inside, I cleaned Evan's face up and could tell there was a cut on his eyelid and a trampoline burn on his nose and under his eye. I wasn't too concerned with the burns, but the cut on his eyelid made me nervous. It was too close to a very valuable body part. He was not interested in letting me have a good look at it, so we were keeping that 3:00 appointment. In the meantime, my mom had gotten home and had just happened to call in the middle of me trying to clean Evan's face. She walked the 500 feet to our house to check out the damage. After laying eyes on Evan, she asked where Ethan was. The last I saw him he was following me inside to clean Evan's face, but apparently had stopped at some point along the way. Ethan is my tender hearted, caring one. He is a people pleaser and wants to make everybody happy and usually that's with humor. While I was still trying to clean Evan's face, mom went to check on Ethan. Ethan was found at the scene of the crime, pacing back and forth just balling saying "I hurt my brother, I hurt my brother. " He was absolutely devastated. Broke my heart. I was so worried about checking the damage to Evan's face that I had completely forgotten about poor Ethan. I loaded Evan up (by this point it was 2:30 already), and went and calmed Ethan down. Ethan's immediate response was "we not going to ride under the trampoline no more." He was scarred. He was the daredevil for once and he knew to duck and poor brother hadn't learned the rules of trampoline riding yet. After a big hug and some I love you's, Ethan's spirits were lifted and he got a free pass to hang out with Nonnie alone.  We made it to our appointment on time, and everything checked out okay. That $40 copay was well worth the piece of mind. I'm usually the healthcare worker mama that's all "it'll be okay, it's just a little blood, we'll just put a bandaid on it." But with his injury so close to his eye, I figured it was worth taking the trip "to town." He was a trooper and didn't shed a tear for the doctor. He was such a big boy that he got a treat afterwards. Not only did he get a treat for himself, he also got one for brother. One thing I can say about my boys is they ALWAYS think of each other. Two boxes of ninja turtle bandaids, two boxes of skittles, and some antibiotic cream and we were good. Homeward bound. This is the first brother-induced injury, but I am sure not the last. Lord help me.

Obviously, Evan was fine when we got to the Doctor's office. 

The day after, is always the worst. The post sleep swelling made Evan look p-i-t-f-u-l. Not to mention, this morning was opening season ceremony for ALL of B-town baseball. So Evan got totted to the ballpark looking like this. If I got asked once, I got asked fifty times what happened. I was sure CPS would end up getting called by the end of the day. Luckily, Evan's face has healed 95% of the way and he looks great now (a little over a week later). Thank goodness! Maybe we can be bobo free for more than a week this go round. Goodness. 

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