Saturday, July 14, 2012


FedEx really knows how to ruin a girl's day. I ordered a HUGE 8x10 rug from Lowes for our living room. Our living room has ceramic tile floors, so if I got a super duper big rug to replace our teeny tiny 5x7 woven rug E could actually play on the floor without me worrying about his every move. I have been so excited about getting this rug in. So excited, that I ordered a storage ottoman from JcPenny's to act as a coffee table. It's a beautiful light green color and it's covered in fabric so I don't have to worry about E pulling up on it. And the best part, the whole inside is storage. I've been patiently awaiting the arrival of these two products. (I love getting stuff in the mail/delivered to my house.) For the last few days our weather has been jacked up. It's sunny one minute and the next minute it is monsoon raining. Well today was pretty predictable, it was cloudy. Therefore, it was more than likely going to rain. And sure enough at about 3:30 p.m. a torrential downpour hit B-town. A hard rain. I was not home to actually witness the flood, but from the water on the ground and from what Chris (who was at his mom's house) said, it was pretty dang fierce. I beat Chris home because he was busy waiting on E to finish his nap at his Mom's. Low a behold what do I find when I get home?! THE rug. I was so happy! That is until I realized half the rug was sticking out from under our front door awning and laying in a heaping pile of water. What the heck FedEx man?! There was plenty of room to stand the rug up long ways and prevent it from getting wet. Optimistic me thought, well maybe the plastic wrap it was in protected it. I cut off the wrap and inspected the top....dry. Start rolling that bad boy out only to realize that the whole bottom part of the rolled up rug was sopping wet. Wet as in leaving puddles on my floor wet. It took me FIVE towels to get the rug to an acceptable dry point. I was furious. What idiot FedEx man/woman leaves a rug uncovered from nature when it is just about guaranteed to rain? Leave the sticky note on my door. I will gladly go pick up my rug from FedEx headquarters. Needless to say I spent about an hour on the phone with some foreign man from overseas who I could not understand half of what he said. My patience was lost when he asked me "Well is the rug ruined?" What do you mean is it ruined? I did not order a half rained on rug. I ordered a brand new, never been rained on rug. It might not technically be "ruined." But it's not what/how I ordered it. And it could have all been prevented if not for the idiot y'all have working for you. So yes FedEx, it is your fault my product was not delivered appropriately. And I will be expecting a refund, or a new rug. Either will do. 

After I spent all my energy cleaning a soaking wet rug, I decided E should be allowed to enjoy the rug. I blocked off the wet spots. Once I put him down on the rug with all of his toys he took off! He loved it. He is sooooo close to crawling. He army crawls very efficiently, he just has to work on straightening his left elbow out. And I have a feeling once he does we're not going to be able to keep up with him. I'm just thankful FedEx didn't ruin E's first impression of the new rug.

How my rug is supposed to look.

My half drenched rug. Hanging out in a pool of water. 

My pile of wet towels. 

Little man loving every minute of it :)

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