Friday, July 20, 2012

Sign language

First off, let me start with saying my Dad is a NUT. E is in love with the Baby Channel. We don't have that channel at our house, so it's E's little treat for when he goes to Nonnie and Poppy's (or as my Dad spells it Papi). I try to tell him we're not of Spanish decent, but he's obsessed with baseball and wants his name spelled after a baseball player, David Ortiz- aka Big Papi. As stated above, he's a nut. Back to my story...there is a sign language show that comes on the Baby Channel about every couple of hours and it runs for about five minutes and just repeats one sign language word over and over. Somewhere along the way my dad and I started repeating all the words we have learned every time the show comes on; i.e. socks, boy, baby, eye, in, blanket, etc. Now our game has become even more complex. If we aren't both there when the sign language show comes on, we video it and emial it to each other. And not only do we email it, we even go as far as to talk like the lady saying the word. It's quite entertaining. I get excited when I see I have an email from him. I know it will be my daily sign language lesson. Who said the Baby Channel was just for babies?! 

Here's a few of our email videos :) Hope you learn something.

This is the sign for "boy."

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