Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

What a wonderful day we had! We spent time with our wonderful family. We can never get enough family time. It's so great to see how E is loved by so many people. It makes my heart leap with joy. E will always know he will have his family to rely on no matter what. 

We ate lunch at Chris's Uncle and Aunt's house. They have a gorgeous home and we were so thankful they welcomed us in with an amazing Fourth of July lunch. E got to play with his cousin Mae Martin, which was so fun watching. They are two weeks apart in age. E doesn't go to daycare, so his interaction with small kids his age is minimum. At first E paid no attention to MM, but as the afternoon went on he began to notice her more. MM would steal E's toys and he would look at her like she was crazy (the typical E look). He was a gentleman and let her keep the toys. Probably from fear that she'd come after him (MM is crawling, unlike little boy). E refused to nap, he was too enthralled with the new scenery. For having no nap, he was in quite a pleasant mood. Proud mama. 

Chris had to go to work at 3:00, so E and I headed to Nonnie and Poppy's for some steaks and baked potatoes. E finally got a good nap. Thank goodness. He was a tired boy! Our fourth ended with E going to bed at 8:30 and me cringing every time a firework went off. Of course we chose a neighborhood to live in that has a lot of kids. Fireworks + sleeping infant = ROYALLY SUCKS. I'm going to use Chris's line of thinking, "Well he sleeps during thunder storms." The power of positive thinking. Even with my positive thinking I still freak out when I see the firework sound register on E's monitor. That's a significant amount of noise if it registers on his monitor inside. I've contemplated going all white trash mama on the whole neighborhood (makeup-less, panties and a shirt on, hair disshoveled, hot mess, screaming profanities). I want to yell at the top of my lungs "CEASE FIRE, CEASE FIRE!!!!!" But since E seems unphased I will save the white trash mama for another date and time. Back to positive thinking....he sleeps through thunderstorms. 

E and Pops
E is mesmerized by Pops. You can already tell how much he loves Pops.

E and MM
Sweet cousins

"Hey girl, where you going?" Says immobile E.

Sharing....or Showdown?

My handsome E

My gifts from God

Two of the coolest boys I know

Aunt Jenn swinging with E

So grown up

Not digging the sunglasses

Blackmail (compliments of MM)

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  1. What a fun day ya'll had! I love the pic of him when he looks grown up! It's like he is saying, "What up, girl?" LOL