Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cat in the Hat Invitations

I've been planning E's birthday for the last THREE months. And it's finally almost here! I (with the help of E) decided on a Cat in the Hat theme. E loves watching Cat in the Hat in the morning while he takes his bottle. And I loved thinking of all the cute things I could do with Cat in the Hat. So Cat in the Hat it is. I looked online for invitation ideals. I knew I wanted a picture of E involved and not the typical picture invitation. I also wanted a cute saying on the invitation. After numerous google searches, I finally found one. And being the cheapo frugal shopper smart girl that I am, I realized I could make them myself. Wahooooo!

So here is my rendition of the Cat in the Hat invitation I found above. 

My list of supplies:
Red cards (5x7)
Blue chevron designed paper (found a template online)
Blue card stock
Cat in the Hats printed off the internet
Red and white gingham ribbon
Roll scrapbook tape

First I took the red cards and cut a V in them. Then I glued the side that wasn't connected and the bottom down, making a pouch. 

Next I took the blue card stock and cut them into smaller rectangles. Then I cut a matching V like the red cards. I did the same with the chevron patterned paper. So the blue card stock should be a smaller version of the red cards, and the chevron patterned paper a smaller version of the blue card stock. They should stack as follows: red card, blue card stock, and then chevron paper.  

After I attached the three pieces together I cut all the cats out and made a little bow with the gingham ribbon. I attached the cat to the three-piece pouch with scrapbook glue. 

Next it was time to create the actual invitation. The invitation was done on the same card stock as the holder. I took a few sayings I saw off invitations online and put my own spin on them. 
Here is the wording I used: 

For the picture I had a helper (Nonnie). She took the pictures and created the three pictures in one. The 4x6 picture will fit perfectly into the 5x7 pouch. She ordered them via Walgreens and an hour later they were ready. That's my kind of service :)

Finally, I put them all together and this is the finished product. 
I felt making them myself made them super special. 
And so much love was put into them. 

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