Friday, November 2, 2012

Yoda Man

There's a Yoda on the loose! Only the cutest Yoda you have ever laid your eyes on. Me, being the crazy girl that I am, couldn't just dress my kid as some cute little, fluffy farm animal. Instead we journeyed down the Star Wars path. This was E's first Halloween and boy did he have fun. He loved seeing all of the trick-or-treaters. He even got caught sticking his little hands in the candy bucket. And surprisingly he kept his ears on the whole time. I think he "accidentally" forgot about them. We ended up ordering pizza and having the whole family over as well as some of our good friends. I think this might possibly be a new tradition. Last year was the first year and it has seemed to stick :) E loved having everybody on his home turf. 

Trick-or-treat, smell Yoda's feet.....

E and his little buddy Dylan the frog

It didn't take E long to find the candy bucket. 

E loves suckers

Officially ELEVEN months old. 
One more month away from TWELVE.

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