Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am having some serious blogging withdrawals. It has been TWELVE days since my last post. Life has been crazy the last couple of weeks. Between Halloween, birthday parties, fall carnivals, Bunco, and all the  mommy in betweens this sister has been beyond busy. Did I mention our family celebrates seven birthdays in the month of November?! And E's first birthday is December 1 (which I am so not mentally, emotionally prepared for). As if attempting to schedule Bunco into this crazy schedule wasn't enough, I am the host of November's Bunco.  Being a "host" consists of letting everybody know of the date, buying the gifts, and making a meal. Needless to say, my plate spilleth over. 

The Bunco party was last Wednesday and it turned out with no hitches. Well maybe one small one, or two. I was under the impression that the tables were brought by the same people every time (this is my first year in this Bunco group), well apparently you have to make that request. One of the girls called and asked if she needed to bring her table and I told her no because I had a card table and assumed the other "table" girl would bring hers. When my co-host arrived she asked if "table" girl was bringing her table. My response, well I assume, I thought that was part of the Bunco protocol. Thirty minutes before everybody was supposed to arrive I texted table girl and low and behold she was tableless. Yikes! Thank goodness my useful mother lives about five minutes away and she has a card table. My wonderful dad hand delivered the table. Only problem, there were no chairs. Well there were chairs, they had just been left at my parent's house. Why would I need a table and no chairs? See where I get my ditziness/no common sense from? It's genetic. Good ole father traveled the few miles back and picked up the chairs. What would I do without these people I call parents?! 

Two weeks from Saturday is E's first birthday. I have many mixed feelings about this HUGE event (which I will be writing in length about later on). I have tons to do before the party, but I am so excited.  I handmade E's invitations. Partly because I am super cheap/frugal and partly because I love crafting and partly because I thought it would make them super special. I will be dedicating a whole blog entry later this week just to the invites. They're that awesome :) 

I have so many wonderful things to blog about in the weeks to come. And I am so excited about these next few weeks. Between Thanksgiving, E's birthday, and Christmas I am bursting with excitement and so much on my mind! Stay tuned........

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