Thursday, November 22, 2012


What am I thankful for? Many times I have to ask myself this question, just to put myself in check. As a human, we always want more. We want a bigger house, we want a better car, we want cuter clothes. But do we not have enough as it is? At what point do we reach enough? My grandmother told me a story last week of how she had to quit school in the seventh grade so she could go to work and help support her family. In seventh grade I hadn't even started my period! I wasn't even classified as a woman, I was still a child. Mentally and physically. And honestly I don't think I fully grew up mentally until I had a child of my own. I can not even begin to imagine working at thirteen/fourteen years old. That made me stop and think, "I have WAY more than I deserve."

  • I have a God who accepts me and forgives me as a sinner. A God I can call on at any time, any where. A God whose love is so abundant. 
  • I have a husband who loves me unconditionally. He fully accepts my crazy antics and wild outbursts. He has a sense of humor like none other and he is an wonderful amazing extraordinary father. 
  • I have a happy, healthy child. A child who has completely changed my world. Definitely for the better. He has changed me from a wild child to a intraverted mommy. He is my ray of sunshine. He is a new love I have never felt. A different kind of love. I love my husband, but I loooove E. 
  • I have a family I can count on and depend on. My mom and dad are my rocks. They are what I strive to become every day. The picture perfect example of what parents should be. All four of my grandparents are still alive. Who can say that? My brother and SIL live out of town, but when they come in town we pick up right where we left off. This usually includes LOTS of laughs. I have a sister who has given me some of the most amazing nieces and nephews on the face of this Earth. Those kids love E so much. I love watching them all play together. E is so mesmerized by them. Not only is my family amazing, but so is Chris's. I was blessed with wonderful in-laws. 
  • I have a roof over my head. Many times I think that roof is going to burst at the seams. Another pleasant reminder that I have WAY too much stuff
  • I have a job. A job that is flexible. A job that allows me to change people's lives. I feel like when I leave work I made a difference. I have amazing coworkers. I might not be making a butt load of money, but I am happy, as well as thankful. 
These are just a few things I am happy for. I could sit here and list all night long, but I'm afraid you would bore from it. 

Since Chris has a jacked up abnormal schedule where he is not able to be home every night and is gone for twenty-four hours, he misses many family functions. So when we actually get to spend time together as a family for the holidays, it calls for a photo op. 

Family picture time.....YAYYYY! 

Check out that solo front tooth.

That sweet little hand holds my heart.

The parents I look up to so much

The brother, SIL, and son Boomer 
Did I mention Boomer ate E's pacifier for lunch?

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