Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mud Fears Me

About two months ago my good friend Brooke had a crazy ideal to sign up for Mud Fears Me, which is a 5K mud run. Sounded like a wonderfully fun ideal. Sign me up...oh yeah and I'll bring the hubby along for the ride as well (I needed somebody to push me over walls and what not). Fast forward two months later, October 27th. The weather pre 10/27 was absolutely perfect, eighty degrees and beautifully sunny. The forecast for 10/27: low of forty and high of 60. Perfect (NOT!). Our race time was 10:30, which allowed a five degree warm up- forty-five degrees. You've got to be kidding me. Who is crazy enough to do this crap?! Yep, this girl right here. So I'm going to take you along on my journey via pictures, compliments of none other than Nonnie.

Here's me and the hubby who I wrangled into this run. 
Did I mention it was opening day of deer season as well?
Hubby wasn't too pleased about that one. 
Instead he was busy making mud angels in forty degree weather, now that's true love.

Our crew, dedicated friends. Crazy as us.

I'm enlarging this picture for your viewing pleasure. 
First thing: Brooke and I are holding hands in this pic.
Second thing: Can you spot the hubby?
Yes, that would be him doing the power ranger in the air.
Now I understand why he complained the whole time that his knee hurt.
Initially the water was two feet deep, about two feet into it there was drop off.
His power ranger move was performed before the drop off.
Did I mention he studied the drop off by watching the run slot before us, and he knew the drop off was two feet out?
No pity.

The coordinator lady actually recommended not going into the first set of water because it will zap your energy, because it was that cold. I understand now. My crazy group felt we needed to swim through the football field of water in order to get "the true" experience. Idiots. I bailed out about five feet into it when I thought I was drowning/in hypothermic shock. Next mud run, you will find me taking the kind lady's advice. She kindof knows what she's doing. After seeing my life flash before my eyes, I refused to get in any more deep water. If the water came up to my nipple line, sister was out!

This is a move performed frequently by Brooke. 
And she would stay there about five minutes until she decided it was safe to come down. 

There it goes again.

As if the first obstacle wasn't enough, here are the boys running through even more water.
The girls were out.

Trudging on.

The only one to actually finish this obstacle was Brian. 
Rope burns for all.

Would you check out that face?!
Not to mention the leg spread.
Classy all around.

The mud crawl. Can you see the glistening of the barbed wire above my head?

The mud angel. 

Our mud hug. So close to the finish line.

We had to keep reminding Brooke the whole race that this was her ideal.

LAST obstacle. 

Brooke had the right ideal. 
Hold the nose.
I had mud boogers for at least 24 hours.

We did it! We did it!

We all survived. With no major injures. And we're all still friends :)
And check out those medals.

The wash off with "warm" water.
That was a lie.
There's no such thing in forty degree weather.

Bucket list- check!

To top off the run I also pooped in the woods. There I said it. Another episode added to my poo-scapade. Ten minutes before the race my IBS kicked in, and I knew I had to go. But my friends informed me there wasn't enough time and we were already in the front of the line. My thought process was when I jumped in the freezing cold water it would increase my sphincter tone. Instead, it did the opposite. Half way through the trail run I had to hop in the woods and let the deuce loose. This crap only happens to me and my jacked up bowels. Ugh.

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