Thursday, October 4, 2012

Gymboree Fun

Today was E's first day of Gymboree and he LOVED it! Being the super frugal Mom I am, I waited until Groupon had a Gymboree deal to sign E up. $35 for one month and no membership fee, yes please. Plus E wasn't extremely social until about a month ago. I must say E was in pure heaven. As soon as I sat him on the mat he started waving at the other kids. Mr. Social. And I must admit Mommy had quite a fun time as well. There were four kids in his class. Two were 14 months + and the other was a couple of months older than E. I wish there had been more his age. The gap between fourteen months and ten is pretty large. The older two are bumping up to the next class. So it will be just E and the other little boy. I might end up switching to another class because the whole purpose of going to Gymboree was to get E around more kids.

E loves the balls.

Making friends. Can you see that huge smile?

Please excuse my unflattering position. Note to self: Next class avoid the leg spread.


E's first sliding experience. Not very impressed.

Wild man on the loose. 

Window licking. 
The windows are ceiling to floor in Gymboree. 
E loved watching the cars and watching the people pass. 

We will be busting out those bubbles, E loved them.

Will he climb through the tunnel?

Yes he will! 
This child isn't scared of anything.

Beating on the drum. He cried when the teacher took his stick away. 
(The only time he cried.)

As you can see, we had an absolute blast! It was such a new environment for E. This makes me excited for the future. Future t-ball games and future soccer games and future school programs. Being a mommy is the best thing ever! So much more exciting than my past life as a party girl. 

E had so much fun at Gymboree he pooped his bath water. Yay! And then he tried to play in it. Luckily I was quick on my toes and yanked him out before he could get a handful. And guess who wasn't home AGAIN....Chris. (Not his fault, somebody's got to work in this family.) The Lord loves to test me. Bring it :) With His guidance I'm going to be A okay.

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