Thursday, October 18, 2012

Picture Mania

I am a picture addict. For me pictures capture a moment in time. A feeling printed on paper. 
E is my main subject. Currently I have 644 pictures on my iPhone and 643 of them are of E (and that's after deleting a few). 
E coughed, take a pic! E licked the wall, take a pic! E touched the dog, take a pic! 
Get my drift. 
This week E had a photo shoot with none other than- his Nonnie. The ultimate mission was to get some pictures taken for his birthday invitations. In case I failed to mention before, I am an OVER preparer. Here are a few pictures I can share without ruining his birthday invitation surprise. :)

I have very few pictures of E and me. Usually I am makeup-less and in PJs (by no means photo-op ready). I must say, I am in loooooove with the first picture. 
The exact reason why I need more pictures of E and me. 

Our quaint little town had a pumpkin patch this year. Best ideal ever. And so convenient. You can go take your picture with the pumpkins and support the local school all at the same time. Here are some pumpkin patch pictures taken by E's personal photographer, Nonnie. 
E was not so sure about the hay. I would go as far as saying he absolutely hated it. 
How Nonnie got these pictures I'm not really sure, because alot of time in the pumpkin patch was spent crying. 

In the spirit of homecoming week, our town had a parade. At first E was mesmerized with the dancers and the band, the mesmerization ceased as soon as the candy started flying. E was completely freaked out. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the sucker that bopped him on the head. I pulled out my best distraction tools and broke down and gave E a sucker. Little boy loved it. He had blue raspberry sucker everywhere, including on Mommy. 

Check out that blue tongue!
E loves his cousins.
So glad to see them at the parade. 
My little Chelsea (on the right) is growing up so fast. She got her hair chopped off this week and she looks like such a big girl. 

Little E with his little pumpkins. 
And he's playing in the hay!
Go figure. 
One day he hates it, the next day he loves it.

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