Friday, October 12, 2012

Mommy Brain

I've noticed since having E I have lost a generous amount of brain cells. I can't remember anything- I've forgotten my debit pin number (the number I key in at least twice a day, if not more). Who does that? An ex-prego. I misplace everything. Keys, shoes, jewelry, money, you name it, it's been lost. Space cadet Brandi, time to make a landing. 

Yesterday E had Gymboree. I had to work so my mom met me at Gymboree with E in tow. We were both a little early so I hung out in mom's car for a little while because E had fallen asleep and heaven forbid we wake him (he'd only had a thirty minute nap ALL day). Mom hadn't brought any diapers so I ran to my car and grabbed one, just in case E had an accident in Gymboree. He'd pooed on my mom earlier in the day. This sister wasn't chancing it. I walk back to mom's car not really paying attention because it was only a couple of cars down from mine. Mindlessly wandering the parking lot. Pull on her passenger door handle and it's locked. Yank again (without looking up). After my third attempt of yanking aggressively on the door handle, I look up catching the words before they came out of my mouth. "What the hell, why did you lock the door?!" Thank God my filter for the day was in place. Low and behold a strange woman was behind the wheel, not my mother. I was yanking on a complete stranger's door handle with them inside the car. The van was the exact same style as my mom's. I turned to the car beside me and saw my mom laughing uncontrollably. Luckily the woman didn't find me a complete creep and rolled down her window and said she was glad she wasn't the only one who did that. She must have ex-prego brain as well. 

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