Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Revelry Fun

My favorite, favorite, favorite festival of all time is the Red River Revel. And guess what, it's REVEL time! It started last weekend and I've been a Mrs. Antsy Pants to go. I actually won passes this year- go me. Thank you Shreveport Times. Yesterday the weather was beautiful, not too hot, not too cold. And just the right amount of sunshine. We loaded down the ole Honda Pilot and trucked it to festival plaza. Parking spots were limited (because it's downtown), but somehow we managed to get front row. Chris was so excited he almost ramped my tire onto the curb, leaving a pretty little scratch on my rim. Oh well, this is my mom vehicle. It's going to happen. We ate some wonderful food. Chris had the muffaletta pizza and I had a chopped barbecue beef sandwich. Dessert- of course funnel cake. E got his first taste of funnel cake, and of course he wasn't nowhere near as excited about it as his Mommy. Story of my life..haha. After our tasty lunch we checked out all of the vendors. E never once fussed, he was too busy people watching. As a matter of fact, so busy people watching that he refused to look at me while I was trying to snap pictures. Little turkey. E was so excited about his good time at the Revel that he boycotted his afternoon nap. E was running on a thirty minute nap all day. Might I add, he was in an amazing mood. I'll take it. 

Cruising the Revel

E got a free basketball. Chewed on it the whole time.

The boys



E (busy people watching) and me 

Did I mention we had another poo disaster? As I was getting ready to bathe E, I did as I usually do and just took his diaper off in one swoop and threw it in the trash. Only this time it had a surprise and that surprise went EVERY where. The floor, the toilet seat, the tub, the shower curtain. One day I will learn. 

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