Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheerio Commercial

The new Cheerios commercial absolutely melts my mommy heart. I think because Cheerios were the first real food E learned how to pick up, and even today he LOVES them. I think Cheerios knew what they were doing with this one. Now every mama in America is out buying a box of Cheerios. 

Guess what sweet little boy is officially TEN months old. Ten months! Two months away from a year! Holy guacamole. Where does time go?! Can we stop, pause, go back. Any of the above? 

Taking pictures is no longer simple. E was a wild man. All over the place. Mommy had to do some serious dancing like a monkey to get this picture. E is so playful right now. Lately we have been having many tickle fests. Possibly the most ticklish baby I have ever seen.

Still no teeth. From Saturday to Monday we changed crib sheets four times. No, not from excessive slobber, but blow out diarrhea diapers. One day E even got to sleep on the bare plastic mattress, compliments of Daddy. It was situational. The crib mattress had been stripped from the morning before (Mommy didn't have time to redress the bed because she was rushing out the door to work). E fell asleep on the ride home from Non's- a whole five minutes- so Daddy just picked E up and put him in his bed. Not realizing until after E's nap that he'd been on the plastic mattress. Men pay no attention to details. Chris said he wondered why E's head was so sweaty. haha! So with runny diapers and a slobbery mouth we continue on our teething battle. 

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