Saturday, September 15, 2012

Favorite Beauty Products

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner Blog for Show us your Favorite Beauty Products. I love makeup. From as early as I can remember I had an obsession with makeup. I am that girl who you will never see out in public without her "face" on. My makeup has definitely changed and evolved through the years. In my early twenties I was all about bronzer and crazy colored eyeshadows. Now I am all about simplicity and affordability.  Now it's time to delve into the makeup bag, where all the magic happens :)

As previously stated, I am all about affordability, in comes the FREE Clinique bag. I have tons of these precious bags. This one is my favorite because the outside is easy to wipe down. 

How do you get the free bag you ask? You spend $23.50 and you get a free bag with free products. Here is where I spend my $23.50 at: concealer, foundation, and powder. I have tried numerous other foundations and powders, but these have proved to work the best on me. My foundation and powder are definitely my splurges. 

Foundation: Perfectly Real Makeup
Powder: Superpowder Double Face Makeup
Concealer: All About Eyes Concealer

As far as eye makeup and blush WalMart does me just fine. Usually if I find a shade I like at Ulta or Sephora I can find the same shade at the Wally World, for way less. In my head I just can't reason spending $30 on eyeshadow. In my pre baby days yes, now no. Also the Utla brand with a $3.50 off coupon is always nice.
 For primer I use L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base. Post baby makeup started settling in the bags under my eyes. The primer has fixed that problem. 
I use L'Oreal Voluminous mascara and Revlon ColorStay eyeliner.
 The only splurge I use as far as eyes is Mac Brow Shader (which this one I have had for about four years now). 

Makeup brushes oh how I love the! These brushes are by far my fav and have stood the test of time. They are extremely cheap for brushes. Would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Here is the website:

Last but not least, by far the thing I never ever leave my house without. LIPGLOSS! And of course I have a favorite....L'Oreal Colour Riche leGloss. This lip gloss isn't like the others, it isn't sticky, it doesn't get goopy, it actually has tint to it, and it is super shiny. What more could a girl ask for? On the days I choose to go au natural with the lips I use eos balm, which comes is some amazing flavors.

Whoooooola!!! Oh oh oh it's magic.


  1. I'll definitely have to try those brushes out and you look great! I love being "transformed" by makeup and it's so fun being a girl! ; )

  2. Great suggestions! And your makeup looks gorgeous!