Saturday, September 15, 2012

The No Good, Very Bad Day

Today is one of "those" days. My patience is being tested. The big man upstairs pushing my parenting skills just a little bit harder. Can I handle it? Of course! Might I shed a few tears, absolutely. For the past week E just hasn't been himself, from happy go lucky baby to angry, never content baby. The past week he has usually had is flare ups for a couple of hours in the afternoon (hence why my blogging has been lacking this week- by the time E goes to bed I'm exhausted). Today he decided to change his routine up a bit, E has decided to make it an ALL day affair. Yay! NOT! I keep blaming it on teething, but dang when are those things ever going to come in?!?! Here it is a week later and no sight of any teeth, just some swolled up gums and a slobbery, fussy baby. Tylenol failed me first thing this morning, next stop Ibuprofen. This coming from a girl who is anti-medication. At this point, I would give just about anything to make E feel better. The child is refusing to eat, with the exception of Cheerios. He is taking his bottles so that's a blessing. A few days ago Chris took E to the deer lease and E came back with some bites on his arms, legs, and face. Originally I thought they were mosquito bites, did I mention I am completely paranoid about West Nile? And I semi freaked. But then he kept getting new bites. Apparently some bug hopped a ride on E's stroller at the lease and decided to make it home, so every time E got in his stroller he got bit. After super power washing the stroller, the bug has relocated and no more bites for E. But in the back of my head, especially with E's swing in mood, I keep thinking could he have THE West Nile? Yes, I know, I am an over dramatic freak of nature. Chris made a valid point, E would be lethargic and have a fever, not wild, afebrile, and moody. Okay, West Nile ruled out. Guess my diagnosis is going to stay teething. Because there is no way on Earth my child could be this big of a turd without something wrong with him. I've already decided that E has Chris's pain tolerance (NOT GOOD). Plan for the rest of the day: hold my whinny, teething (?), grumpy, angry child until he feels better. Intermittently interrupting our love sessions with appropriate dosing of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Say a prayer for mine and E's sanity. We can do this!

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