Tuesday, September 4, 2012

On the Road to Alabama...ROLL TIDE..wait, no

Friday morning we (my mom, E, and I) began our adventure, on the road headed to Montgomery, Alabama. Estimated time to final destination, eight hours. Actual time with a nine month old in the car, twelve hours. And one stop at Cracker Barrel (impressive for my family, usually it's at least three). 

Friday played out like this:
At 8:30 we hit the road, dreary rainy weather and all. It rained off and on the whole trip, but that didn't dampen our party- no pun intended. E lasted about three to four hours before he started getting irritable and ready to flee the carseat. First stop, other than gas stations, THE one and ONLY Cracker Barrel. God's gift to restless travelers. Not only did we eat delicious salads (which we unfortunately paid for later- add on two more pit stops), but we found some shopping bargains. Which ended up being the theme of this trip. After our lunch and shopping retreat, we loaded the little traveling baby back up and headed back out on the highway. With about one more hour left in our trip, guess who fired up the vocal cords? Enough was enough for little E. So like mad women we begin frantically searching for a WalMart. What better place to let E break from his carseat and look at interesting characters. One thing I noticed at this stop- Alabamians are die hard football fans. Being the opening weekend for college football, all I saw was a sea of Alabama and Auburn gear, EWWWW. A nightmare for an LSU girl. I believe it was obvious we were from out of town. We had not a lick of maroon or orange and navy on. Add another hour in WalMart onto our time. Finally we arrived at the hotel safe and sound. We didn't get to see Uncle J that night, due to a late ball game. So I put little boy E down for the night and called it a night myself. Here are a couple of pictures from the first night. Please excuse my iphone quality pictures. The iphone is lightweight and compact, therefore my camera of choice. The same reason I dress my child in onesies all the time {E and his onsies}, sheer convenience. 

E man and his bucket of travel toys.

E's crib for the next three nights.
Little boy slept amazing. He never woke up, even with being in such a strange, new environment. 

Day 2: 
Saturday we spent some time in the hotel room and out and about around the town. We went to lunch with Uncle J. I ended up covered in BBQ sauce and ice cold water, compliments of E's fascination with cold glasses. Did I mention I was wearing white shorts, nice right? After lunch, Uncle J went back to the hotel to relax and get mentally prepared for the game to come (he was pitching). Mom, E, and I went shopping for a little while. I found TONS of amazing deals. I think I have E's wardrobe for the next year covered. Shirts for $1.99 and shorts for $3.00. This girl loves a good deal! Once E decided he had enough of the shopping experience (my schedule no longer is mine, it belongs to E), we headed back to the hotel for a family nap. Two hours later it was time for Uncle J's ball game. E was in heaven at the ballpark (good sign). He loved all of the people. I have learned my child is quite the charmer. He would stare people down until they looked at him and then he would crack up laughing, creating a game. It was so great seeing my brother pitch again, I still have the same jitters I did when he played back in high school. E took away some of those jitters because I was busy tending to him, but those little butterflies were still there. 

E and Nonnie playing in the hotel window. 
Silly Nonnie decided to open the window. 
E's hands looked like coal minors hands from the black dirty screen, it was pretty funny. 

E man cruising the room. 

My angel during his nap. Look how huge he looks!

Nonnie wrapped up like an eskimo- cold natured much?, sound asleep. Well, maybe not sound. You see, Nonnie has a snoring problem. Just kidding, but seriously, I had to quiet her down a couple of times. 

Dippin Dots
What I come to ball games for...other than to see Josh of course. 

Instagram Style

Day 3:
Filled with more shopping, more shopping, and more shopping. We spent some more quality time with Uncle J. Uncle J had a game he had to go to at 2:00. We decided to pass since he wasn't pitching and it was so hot outside. Our shopping was interrupted by a phone call. A phone call from my brother saying he had been called up to the big leagues. How exciting! We were just joking earlier in the morning about him getting called up because I was in town. EVERY time it's just mom and I visiting Josh he gets called up. I need to visit more often :) I know Josh really wanted this and I am so thankful for his blessing. He has accomplished so much in his twenty-four years. A little boy's dreams coming true. By far, this was the highlight of the trip. 

Day 4:
Headed back to home, sweet home, Louisiana. There's no place quite like home. Our trip home was fairly uneventful. A couple of outbursts from nugget and another constipation scare, but not bad. I think once my child is in his carseat for more than three hours his bowels completely stop working, creating the constipation monster. This trips monster was nowhere near as bad as the previous trips. A little prune juice solved the problem. We made much better time, home by 5:30. Somebody's daddy missed them very much, and boy could you tell. We were glad to be home safe and sound. There's nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. 

Are we there yet?!

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