Thursday, August 23, 2012

The busy life of an E

E got his BIG boy car seat in. A hard reality for his mommy. He is growing up way too fast for my liking. So much so that he won't even let me rock him to sleep anymore :( Super sad face. E was ready to explore his new deluxe recliner. We chose to get the Britax Marathon, which had some of the best ratings. It was a little pricey, but is there truly a price for your child's safety? I think not.
P.S. Don't judge me that my child only wears onesies. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity my dear. 

Got to give it the chew test. Sorry my pictures are blurry. Hopefully by the time Christmas gets here I will save up enough Best Buy gift cards to get that new camera I've been wanting. 

Big boy E in his car seat. Likes it much better. He doesn't look like a sardine in a can anymore.
I traveled to the Sheriff's Safety Town to make sure I installed the carseat properly and they gave me some very helpful information I feel I should pass along. Exhibit A: The very handy mirrors you can strap on the back seat so you can see your child have been known to decapitate children in wrecks. (Mirror gone.) Exhibit B: Carseats expire every seven years due to the climate affecting the materials the carseat is made with, especially in this hot, humid Louisiana weather. Exhibit C: You can only use the tether straps for under forty pounds. Exhibit D: You should not use the tether straps and a seat belt. Choose one or the other. Other than the mirror, I installed the seat properly. I was so proud of myself, those instructions were so confusing!

We have some good friends that live in our neighborhood who just had a baby, Dylan. Being the good friend that I am, I let our friends borrow all of E's toys/baby necessities that E no longer uses. There's no sense in buying all new stuff that you will only use for six months. Baby stuff is so expensive. Well on one of our visits to see Dylan, E found his old toys and took quite a liking to them. 


Monster baby under the play gym. If he pulled hard enough I'm pretty sure he could pull the whole thing down. 

E was VERY curious about baby Dylan. If Dylan cried E was looking for him. I tried not to let E get too close because he doesn't quite understand how to be gentle yet. Hence, see three pictures down. 

And this picture I do believe explains E's ultimate goal. Reunited with his bouncer chair. Just a smug too tight. 

And for the grand finale. Our latest casualty is the stroller fan. This stroller fan was the bomb too! I'm still not sure it's done. I think I see a little super glue in it's future. It was only a matter of time before the fan lost a limb, because E sees this fan more as a toy than a survival tool from this excruciating heat. 

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