Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Year Resolution...kindof

I've made one New Year resolution in my whole life..and I actually kept it...and it backfired, directly in my face, actually my mouth. I made a crazy, ridiculous resolution to floss my teeth EVERY day. Why you ask....I was tired of going to the dentist and having them ask "Do you floss?" Why even bother asking? It was quite obvious. As soon as the floss touched my gums the blood started spurting, similar to a bloody massacre. A bloody massacre in my mouth. I would always respond (lie) "Yeah like once a week." They knew better. So in an attempt to be a better patient I flossed religiously every day. Fast forward to a year later, sitting in the dentist chair (still bleeding) and knowing I was a good patient and wasn't lying when I said "Yes, I floss every day." Take a wild guess who had THREE cavities. ME. It's a dental conspiracy. I had never had a cavity in my whole life. I freaked out. When I freak out I break out in red splotches everywhere. As the doctor started drilling away in my mouth, she asked if I was allergic to anything. If I was smart I would've started acting like I was having breathing difficulties, and would have gotten out of the whole gig. But my honesty shone through and I admited to my anxiety induced splotching. The process wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but definitely not something I enjoyed or would want again in the future. So all that being said, I've decided to hit up the New Years resolution ring again, but instead of starting in January, I'm starting in August. New Years resolutions are about bettering yourself, right? So I can start any time of the year. My Mid Years resolution is to read the Bible in chronological order. I know the stories of the Bible, but not necessarily in order. I feel this will help me better understand.

So here's to sticking to my Mid Year resolution.

Here's a sneak peak of what E and I got into today....

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