Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Great Twenty-Eight

Thirty is approaching even closer. Creeping closer one birthday at a time. I actually dreaded my birthday this year for some reason. No reason in particular. Just more proof that I'm getting older. Much to my surprise, I had an AMAZING birthday. Possibly the best. And in all honesty I really didn't do anything. I'm not one to want all of the attention placed on me. I am known to crack a joke here and there, but that's for a momentary second and it's over. I like making people laugh. I don't want a whole day dedicated to me. I had to work today...blah right? Not for me. I love my work family. They surprised me with a birthday cake and ice-cream, along with a little singing and dancing, a few games of BINGO, and prizes (compliments of our party planner Sonya). We laughed A LOT, probably too much and worked a little. We had a Super Salad Bingo Birthday Bash. Everybody brought their favorite salad topping and a dressing from home and we had a giant salad bar. By far one of the best parties we've ever had. And it was healthy! Next time we decided somebody was going to be in charge of a breakfast entree because come 11:00 we were starving. Here are a couple of pictures I captured throughout the day.

I bragged about being the BINGO queen...well I talked TOO big of a game. I didn't win until about the forth round!

The salad bar...DELICIOUS! 

My birthday cake...probably the unhealthiest thing there.

Once I got home I took a small siesta until Chris and E got home. I played with little bit for a while and then opened my presents. I must say, this year Chris hit the jackpot (usually he is a horrible gift giver). Love him to death, but he sucks in the gift department. He got smart this year and called my mom. Mama's got some new tennis shoes :) And  (not pictured here) some Rachel Ray cooking utensils to go with the pots my Mom and Dad got me. You know you're old A. when you get pots and pans for your birthday B. when you are beyond excited about getting pots and pans for your birthday.

We headed off to my parent's to celebrate a little more. With amazing food (as always) and a cake covered in the best icing ever. I would seriously cover my whole face in it...that good. I suppose I finally got my own golden cake (Golden Cake Story), but not THE golden cake per se. I got to see my sweet niece and nephew, which is always a joy. That was probably the icing on my cake. I absolutely love those kids. 

Chiara teaching E how to get all Jerry Lee Lewis with it.

My day was quite simple, but spent with the people I love the most. My birthday celebration will continue tomorrow and Tuesday with Chris' parents (birthdays are always a week long celebration for us), which will make my birthday complete. I'm sure I will have more pictures to add. Thank you to all who took a little extra time to wish me Happy Birthday. You really know how to make a girl feel super special. Much Love!

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