Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tacky Shoe Bunko Dinner

I know everybody has patiently been waiting my tacky shoe reveal. Wait no longer.

My disco inspired heels
*Blang Blang*

Our fun Bunko group

Shoe shot

My previous statement on my last blog entry about the shoes not being tacky was confirmed. Everybody thought they were fun and not tacky. Agreed. But that's all I had, so I rolled with it. I haven't graced my precious feet with a pair of heels since I found out I was prego with my sweet E man. Post baby, Mama has transitioned to an all about comfort moto, that means no heels. I used to be a pro at walking in five inch heels....not so much anymore. But I must say, I was not the only one. My sweet friend Julie, has a broken foot that's in a boot and squeezed her other size eight foot into her mother's size seven shoe. But it was SO worth it! I'm going to go ahead and say she won the tacky shoe award. Luckily my other friend, Leah, was as insane as me and wore ridiculously high heels. I wasn't alone in my discomfort. It was a fun night. We ate at Blind Tiger (got to love some Louisiana cookin) and it was goooooooood. I'm so thankful to have such a fun group of girls to get away with once a month. As a parting note, this was my conversation with my husband before I left:

Me: "Do you wish you had a group of guys that got together once a month like my Bunko group?"

Chris: "I do, it's called hunting season."

Oh how I love being married to my sweet Louisiana hillbilly ;)

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