Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charlie and His Cracked Head

This is Charlie. Charlie is our newest addiction. When we were putting E's convertible seat in Chris's truck I looked under his passenger seat to find the head of a ceramic doll. Weird. I requested an explanation from Chris, because I was quite frankly a little freaked out. Chris actually had an acceptable explanation: My nieces and nephews always go to the Dollar Tree and get everybody in the family a Christmas gift. You think, Dollar Tree, really? But it teaches the kids to put thoughts into their gifts and it actually ends up being quite entertaining. Past Christmas's we've received a pack of erasers, an oversized comb, a plastic sword, socks, bungee cords, and a coffee cup, just to list a few. Well Charlie is/was one of those Dollar Tree gifts, and along his travels from my Mom's (where we do Christmas) to our house he was beheaded and reigned his thrown under Chris's seat for eight months now. 

Being the funny gal I am, I decided Charlie needed to sneak back into Chris's truck and make a grand reappearance. I put Charlie on the dashboard for Chris to find at a later date in time. It didn't take him long, and this my friends is how our game started. 

Headed into work at 6:00 a.m. and looky who I see. My long lost friend Charlie. 

Charlie snuck back into Chris's truck.
And a couple of mornings later, this is what I see. Apparently in Chris's attempt to strategically place Charlie, Charlie lost part of his head. Just enough to fit his head on my volume control knob. 

How long will this game last? Who knows. But there is one thing I can just about guarantee, I will have the last laugh. So now it's my turn to hide Charlie. What shall I do, What shall I do?

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