Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Olympics....who needs sleep?

I am obssessed with the olympics. My bedtime for the last week has been olympic o'clock. Once baby E is asleep, the hubby and I park it in front of the tv. Whenever the olympics go off, we turn the lights off and lay it on down. Most of the time with adrenaline pumping. Definitely not the best sleep I've ever had. It's too hard to sleep with such excitement going on. The best in the WHOLE world competing against each other to be THE number one. There are sports I never even knew existed competing. I love how NBC airs stories about past olympians/olympic games. So inspirational. I honestly can't pick a favorite sport that I've watched. I've watched everything from swimming to gymnastics to water polo (that's a hardcore sport- who knew?!) to track to volleyball and the list goes on. I'm about to throw a little girl power in here.....

Wait for it.....wait for it....

You earn bonus points if you know who these girls are...

How about our women olympians? What strong women!!! Representing our country well. 

A few of our track ladies. 

Our beach volleyball ladies. 
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings

Our gymnasts...The Fab Five

Gabby Douglas- women's overall gold gymnast

And of course I couldn't leave without posting a picture of my sweet E.

We now have two beggars in the house. An E and a Peppi. This should make mealtime SO much fun. We can put the dog outside, the kid- not so much. :)

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