Sunday, August 12, 2012

The last nice thing I had....GONE.

The last nice thing I had is ruined...gone just like that. Lost to a long string of teething baby slobber. E sent my iPhone to its fiery grave. RIP iPhone. It was a good run. I'm semi holding on to hope that the bag of rice it sits in will save it. Doubtful. I get it now....I get why my mother had NOTHING nice. Because kids will ruin it in one second flat. E used my iPhone as a teething toy. It was an amazing distraction. And when (not if) he got his little slobbery hands on the phone it went straight to the mouth. And heaven forbid you attempted to take it away, the child would nut the heck up. When I weighed my options- screaming baby to ruined iPhone- guess which one won. The baby. Would I pick that choice now? NO. Now that I can't hear out of my earpiece and my phone has no volume. My mother warned. But parents don't know what they're talking about..right? day I'm going to be in my mom's boat. Having the kid who never listens. The kid who has to find everything out on his own. Hopefully he won't be as hard headed as me at twenty-seven years old and still not listening to his mother's warnings. Eventually I will learn. But until then....out with the nice. 


  1. R.I.P. iPhone.

    Totally agree with "Now I know why my mother had nothing nice.". Lol. As a childless person, I'm a bit possessive of my things around the kiddos. Just saying. It's mine... If that kiddo were my own, my iPad would be dead in a flash. Fallen victim to a drooly grave or crash upon a hardwood floor. Jeff Foxworthy warned everyone. "We JUST can't have nice things!!!!". (YouTube if you don't get the reference. It's brilliant!). Good luck with the rice, Amiga!!!! <3

  2. It worked :) Thank sweet baby Jesus! Because spending $300 on a new phone just isn't feasible post baby. Formula and diapers for the baby or new iPhone.